Are the Marines feared more than the Army worldwide?

Marine veterans weigh in on the incredible capabilities of soldiers in combat

Are the Marines feared more than the Army worldwide?

Marines assigned to Weapons Company, 1st Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment, run to security positions after offloading from a CH-53E Super Sea Stallion helicopter during a mission in Helmand province, Afghanistan, April 28, 2014. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Joseph Scanlan/Released)

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A question recently posted on Quora asks: “Why are the Marines feared and the Army is not?” Check out the answers below and add your own in the comments.

George Cassidy, U.S. Marine veteran

As a former Marine, I can tell you that anyone who does not respect (or fear, whatever term you’d prefer) the capabilities of the US Army should never hold a rank above Private .

The Marines definitely have a warrior culture, but the Army has a broad range of capabilities including units with their own warrior culture.

If an enemy has a choice between engaging a USMC rifle Company or an Army Ranger, Airborne, etc company, he has two bad choices.

B.F. Caffrey

I don’t know that the U.S. Marines, specifically, are feared more than the U.S. Army or the U.S. Military organizations.

The Marines are our military’s version of a “first responder,” like police and emergency medical services in the civilian sector. They arrive first, try to control the situation, evacuate or protect the civilian population from the designated “bad guys.” You can think of the U.S. Army as the SWAT team that arrives when Marines need more & better fire power.

The Marines have a reputation. They are sent in to a hot spot to break things and kill people. That’s what they do. Their job is to take control of a situation and establish some order on the ground. They are not mindless killers, though. They are human beings and they will try to safeguard, protect or rescue civilians when necessary. And Marines expect to take casualties and are prepared to deal with it while they continue their mission.

The Marine corps is the tip of the spear. They are the ones who come in first, set up the beachhead, seize the airfields or establish the landing zones. They have their own Air Force too. How do they get there? The U.S. Navy brings them. And the Navy brings a shitload of supporting firepower with guided missiles and aircraft carriers.

But The Corps is a small organization. They cannot really sustain operations over a wide area. What they can do is establish the locations where the U.S. Army can start bringing in massive amounts of troops, armor and artillery to sustain those larger operations. And to accomplish their mission, the Marines can call on the Navy and Air Force for support. Carrier fighter-bombers are damned good at what they do. But if you absolutely, positively need to pummel the bejesus out of your enemy, it’s hard to beat the B-52. Unless it’s to use a B-1B or B2 stealth bomber.

The U.S. Military, today, operates as a combined force. Each branch of the service brings certain capabilities to the battle space. These are combined in joint operations to succeed in the mission. The result is a very effective military presence, even with a smaller force.

In the area of individual combat, between individual soldiers on the ground, the Marines have a warrior spirit. Marines are taught and trained from the beginning to be warriors and the word failure is not in their vocabulary. They’re taught they may be the only man (or woman) between the enemy and disaster for the Marines behind them. Quitting isn’t an option, fighting is. Are they better trained than other military units? Maybe not. But they make up for it in being aggressive, improvising and being tenacious. You may fight a Marine one-on-one and you may kill him. But afterwards, you will certainly respect him.

Vlad Krasnov, veteran

That is simply not true. Worldwide most people wouldn’t be able to make the distinction between the U.S. Army, the U.S. Marine Corps or the National Guard for that matter.

For most people around the globe it would all be just one big army, that is because most countries only have one army.

As for the fear, I couldn’t tell, but rest assured, nobody wants to mess with America’s army.