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The 3 shooting stances: Which one's right for you?

By Kenneth DeCicco The TacticaList Contributor Stance is a crucial element of shooting that can at times be overlooked. Perhaps the best way to emphasize the value of a solid stance, which provides the foundation of your shooting platform, is to look at other examples in different activities where a strong foundation is important. Have you ever observed a new home being constructed? In the Northeast, where I'm from, the majority of homes have basements. When the builder is constructing the basement ... More

5 lessons learned the hard way in 2014

By Miltary1 Staff Looking back over the year 2014, we ruminate on the good and the bad, the successes and the failures. We celebrate our triumphs and we learn from our mistakes. And while some mistakes are bigger than others, they all produce valuable lessons we can bring forth into the new year.  We're really hoping these five citizens will never make these mistakes again. Here are five lessons learned the hard way in 2014:  1. Don’t rob and/or break into the house of a veteran 82n ... More

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Safely Drag a Wounded Soldier with the MOUT Lifeline

The MOUT Lifeline™ is designed to drag a wounded soldier from the line of fire without exposing another soldier to danger. The system contains 30ft of cord and attaches to a soldier’s vest by screw link. It’s the best life insurance available on the battlefield or tactical situations.

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Navy drops 'global good' recruiting slogan
DARPA develops self-guiding bullet

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8 stocking stuffers the military enthusiasts in your life will love

By Military1 Staff  Tackling the turkey and trimmings is one thing, tackling your holiday shopping list is quite another. Our advice? Shop early, shop smart and take a cue from our gift guide. We’ve rounded up a bundle of our favorite products that make perfect stocking stuffers for the service members and military enthusiasts on your list. 1. Emdom USA tactical wallet Emdom USA has created a new tactical wallet designed with an eye towards utility and simplicity. The Emdom Slim Wallet is ... More


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