Procrastination: Why smart students fail

By Craig Gilman, Faculty, American Military University As an instructor who teaches a college orientation course specifically designed to ease new or returning students into the habits of success in the classroom, I am often teaching servicemembers who have not been in school for a while. Many come to the classroom with a long history of achievement in their communities and commands, yet not all survive this introductory 100-level course. Why? A common misunderstanding is that these students lack good t ... More

Navy recognizes tribe's connection to Calif. island

Associated Press SAN NICOLAS ISLAND, Calif. — The Navy is turning over hundreds of human remains to a California Indian tribe after determining that the band has a historical connection to one of the Channel Islands. A report this week in the Federal Register said Navy officials have recognized that the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians has a connection to the history of the island. The designation means that the remains of 469 people and 436 burial objects that were removed from San Nicolas Isl ... More

5 military homecomings that will melt your heart

By Military1 Staff It's always good to be back home – especially if you’re a service member. From a surprise 'gift' to a soldier gone undercover, here are some of the most heartwarming (and unique) military homecomings captured on video.  1. Toddler breaks military protocol to reunite with mom After waiting 9 long months for his mother to return from Afghanistan, Cooper Waldvogel did not let military protocol get in the way of reuniting with her. 2. Soldier ... More