Nearly 70 years after USS Indianapolis tragedy, survivor tells tale

By Carlos Bongioanni Stars and Stripes Just past midnight July 30, 1945, two torpedoes from a Japanese submarine struck the USS Indianapolis with almost 1,200 people aboard. The subsequent explosions obliterated the ship's front end, and tons of water rushed in. Bulkheads crumpled under the force. The ship, tilting heavily on its right side, began to nosedive into the ocean. It took 12 minutes for the 14-year-old cruiser to sink. Moments before the Indy's tail end plunged into the water, Marine C ... More

Coast Guard suspends search for 2nd crash victim

Associated Press PAGO PAGO, American Samoa — U.S. Coast Guard officials have suspended the search for a man whose plane was being piloted by his 17-year-old son when it crashed in the ocean off American Samoa during an around-the-world flight attempt. Rear Admiral Cari Thomas says in a statement Sunday that the decision to suspend the search for 58-year-old Babar Suleman was "difficult." The body of Suleman's son, Haris Suleman of Indiana, was recovered shortly after Tuesday's ... More

Report: No evidence of Agent Orange in barrels on Okinawa

By Matthew M. Burke and Chiyomi Sumida Stars and Stripes CAMP FOSTER, Okinawa — There is no evidence that dozens of empty chemical drums, unearthed last year on former U.S. military property, contained the toxic defoliant Agent Orange, according to a Japanese government report. The Okinawa Defense Bureau of the Ministry of Defense tested the final 61 of 83 barrels that were unearthed from land adjacent to the Kadena Air Base fence line. While it found they contained ingredients used in Agent Oran ... More

Survey: Half of vets know someone who has attempted suicide

By Jon Harper Stars and Stripes WASHINGTON — Nearly half of all respondents to a major survey of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans know at least one veteran from those conflicts who has tried to kill himself. The survey, released Thursday, was conducted earlier this year by the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America. IAVA received responses to an extensive list of questions from more than 2,000 of the nation's younger veterans, the vast majority of whom served in the Army or Marine Corps. Re ... More