WWE wrestler 'The Miz' talks 'Tribute to the Troops'

By Scott Fishman The Miami Herald WWE superstars and divas will tell you the most important show they do all year isn't WrestleMania. It's "Tribute to the Troops." For more than a decade WWE has visited military bases and installations in Iraq, Afghanistan and the United States to entertain the brave men and women in uniform. They also use their visit as an opportunity to extend their appreciation to the troops, who sacrifice so much for their country. Mike "The Miz" Mizani ... More

Brain-injury program for military working with NFL players

Associated Press LANSING, Mich. — A brain-injury treatment program originally designed for military veterans injured on the battlefield has been updated to include professional athletes. Representatives with the Eisenhower Center announced Tuesday that it will be the primary facility used by the NFL Players Association for treating brain injuries and other neurological issues through the After the Impact program. The residential neuro-rehabilitation facility is based in Ann Arbor. The progra ... More

Why firearms instructors should avoid no-win scenarios

By Mike Wood The TacticaList Contributor Many years ago, I was a young Air Force pilot making my way through Initial Qualification training for the KC-10 aircraft. The program was split up into phases, and in order to advance out of the first phase, I had to pass a demanding simulator checkride that tested my ability to fly the mission and simultaneously handle emergency situations. My simulator flight had been going very well, but toward the end of the four-hour mission, things really started getting hairy ... More

Can identifying mental illness stop terror attacks?

By Jill Lawless  Associated Press  LONDON — A radical Muslim killed a soldier outside Canada's Parliament. A right-wing extremist opened fire on buildings in Texas' capital and tried to burn down the Mexican Consulate. An Al-Qaida-inspired assailant hacked an off-duty soldier to death in London. Police said all three were terrorists and motivated by ideology. Authorities and family members said they may have been mentally ill. A growing body of research suggests they might well have ... More

The 3 shooting stances: Which one's right for you?

By Kenneth DeCicco The TacticaList Contributor Stance is a crucial element of shooting that can at times be overlooked. Perhaps the best way to emphasize the value of a solid stance, which provides the foundation of your shooting platform, is to look at other examples in different activities where a strong foundation is important. Have you ever observed a new home being constructed? In the Northeast, where I'm from, the majority of homes have basements. When the builder is constructing the basement ... More