Why U.S. boots on the ground won't help Baghdad

There’s nothing wrong with letting your enemies fight each other. There’s everything wrong with ignoring our friends. In what’s left of Iraq, Iran and its client state in Baghdad are most certainly our enemies. And they’re fighting the Islamic State, who is without question an enemy of the United States. So why are we interfering in that fight? Let them kill each other. The Islamic State can only push so far into Shia-held territory, and the Iraqis and Iranians will have limited ab ... More

10 tips for a safe, fun whitewater rafting excursion

Editor's Note: The following column is part of our TacticaList series, a collection of expert columns and features on all things tactical — from fishing and hunting to camping and shooting, and pertain to a broad audience of law enforcement, military, sport shooters, hunters, and beyond. These columns are featured in our monthly TacticaList newsletter. Check out our most recent issue and let us know what you think! Click here to subscribe to the TacticaList. It’s that time of year again when the ... More

Selecting an intelligence and security professional association

By James R. Lint, faculty member at American Military University Professionals should join associations to build professional development and have an outlet to ask questions you would not want to ask in the office or of your boss. Associations allow you to meet people at various levels of the profession and offer development opportunities that prepare you for greater responsibilities in your career. Most associations are non-profit organizations, which are often run by few, or no, paid employees. Volunteers ... More

7 successful young vets (and what you can learn from their entrepreneurship)

Starting a business is hard. Really hard. So sometimes you need a little inspiration to push yourself harder, faster, farther. The best place to find that inspiration? Other veterans just like you. Here are 7 young veterans whose businesses have blown up over the last 3 years. Paul Szoldra (Marines), Duffel Blog Duffel Blog. Heard of it? If you haven’t, you must have un-friended all your veteran friends on Facebook. Duffel Blog is the leading satire site for the military with headlines like “Army ... More