Changes in long-term care: What military members need to know

By BG Michael Meese, US, Ret., Ph.D COO of AAFMAA On August 3rd, 2015, the Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program announced that it would be raising rates immediately for new policies. The move surprised the Federal Employee workforce and led to general questions about the program and Long Term Care insurance:  What is long-term care insurance? Who needs it? What are the benefits and costs? The answer to those basic questions can help families be better informed about long term care and decisions they s ... More

3 myths of entrepreneurship debunked

I want you to be an entrepreneur. As a veteran, you’re poised to start a business. You’re adaptable, versatile, and will bust your ass working 25-hour days if you have to. You’re ready, but why haven’t you started?  This is what I’ve heard far too many times: “I can’t be an entrepreneur. I don’t have funding, I don’t have a developer, and I don’t have a million dollar idea.“ Fun Fact: You don’t need any of these.  Myth: I Ne ... More