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Truths and myths about sleeping during war

A question posted recently on Quora asked, "How well do soldiers sleep during war?" Check out these answers and add your own experiences below.  By Jon Davis, Sergeant of Marines For most of us, almost our entire deployments are spent in what we call "inside the wire" or deep enough inside a secure base that we don't have to worry too much about getting bombed. It may not be as cool or amazing as movies and media have led you to believe, but this is ... More

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Equipping the warfighter to win
Military trauma robots breathe and bleed

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Air Force veteran: Serving in the military were the 'best years of life'

The following is paid content sponsored by Otis Technology. Each month, Otis spotlights the winner of its Service Member of the Month contest to bring to life the stories of our men and women in uniform who sacrifice for our freedom. Master Sergeant (Retired) Judson Lamoree, an Air Force veteran, is this month’s winner. Judson took time to talk with Military1.com about his time in the service, and share his story with all.  1.    When was the moment you said to ... More

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