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The Military1 Entertainment Topic provides news, exclusive articles, video resources and more on entertainment for service members. This covers a wide range of both on and off-duty interests, such as fitness, movies, gaming, electronics and more. While any product deals or service benefits will relate specifically to service members, the resources in this section can be utilized by the civilian population too.

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10 things to know about Chris Kyle before seeing 'American Sniper'

By Military1 Staff  Bradley Cooper had exactly one conversation with America’s most lethal sniper. Now he's playing the guy on the big screen. In the upcoming film American Sniper, Cooper will portray Navy SEAL Chris Kyl ... - More

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A crusty Tanker's take on a film about crusty Tankers

Warning: Before you read on, you must understand that my views on this movie are biased. They are biased because it is a movie about Tankers in a time of war and I am a Tanker who has served in war. And this movie did not disappoint! I purchased ... - More