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The Military1 Entertainment Topic provides news, exclusive articles, video resources and more on entertainment for service members. This covers a wide range of both on and off-duty interests, such as fitness, movies, gaming, electronics and more. While any product deals or service benefits will relate specifically to service members, the resources in this section can be utilized by the civilian population too.

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Jon Stewart helps vets find jobs in showbiz

By Military1 Staff Comedian Jon Stewart has been openly critical of the War in Iraq for years, often making his critiques a schtick in his program, “The Daily Show.” Yet while he was denouncing the legitimacy of the battle overseas, h ... - More

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'That Which I Love Destroys Me' gives uncensored look into PTSD

Back in November a documentary called That Which I Love Destroys Me premiered on the cable network Pivot. It follows the story of two Special Operations veterans Tyler Grey and Jayson Floyd as they talk about the struggle to integrate back into ever ... - More