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The Military1 Entertainment Topic provides news, exclusive articles, video resources and more on entertainment for service members. This covers a wide range of both on and off-duty interests, such as fitness, movies, gaming, electronics and more. While any product deals or service benefits will relate specifically to service members, the resources in this section can be utilized by the civilian population too.

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Prisoners among pilots at Ala. Air Force base

By Rebecca Burylo Montgomery Advertiser MONTGOMERY, Ala. — Most people forget the federal prison camp on Maxwell Air Force base until someone from the Watergate scandal, the owners of Studio 54, a former Enron CEO or other well-known ... - More

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One military movie for every major U.S. war

By Rachel Engel M1 Staff As evidenced by the popularity of movies like American Sniper and Lone Survivor, movies about wartime conflicts are well received by the public—and there have been some amazing cinematic achievements depicting the ... - More