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Military machines: Top 'show of force' videos of 2016

By Rachel Engel Military1 Staff Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Humvees air-dropping out of the sky! This year there were a number of hot military videos that hit social media, capturing the depth of our armed forces’ power and strength. Whether it was an awe-inspiring show of force, or a nail-biting fighter jet maneuver, or even just a display of sheer incredible technology, these military machine videos showcase the highlights of 2016. 1. Marines test robots with machine guns ... More

Pearl Harbor remembered 75 years later

By Rachel Engel Military1 Staff Seventy-five years ago on a sleepy Sunday in Hawaii, the world was changed forever. Dec. 7, 1941 is destined to remain a day that will "live in infamy," as predicted by President Roosevelt.  Across social media, users shared their personal stories of relatives who were lost or witnessed the attacks at Pearl Harbor and pledged to never forget.  [View the story "Pearl Harbor remembered 75 years later" on Storify] More

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Every Inch A Rugged Tablet

To be specific, 8.1 inches – that’s the size of the display on the new compact T800 rugged tablet. Built for today’s mobile workforce, the new tablet features an 8.1 inch display, the latest wireless technology and unique SnapBack add-ons and runs Windows 8.1 Pro.

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