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The average gear a soldier in WWII carried

By Tim Kirkpatrick We Are The Mighty D-Day, the Battle of the Bulge, and Operation Market Garden; no matter the campaign and no matter the battle, our nation’s bravest men fearlessly surged forward to defeat the German threat in World War II. Although each infantryman was responsible for various duties throughout the war, they were all issued similar gear. The basic issue wasn’t anything like what troops receive today, but they made it work. Here’s what they carried to victory: Combat pack T ... More

3 celebrity relatives who changed history in combat

By Blake Stilwell We Are The Mighty Celebrities are just like anyone else — they’re mammals and have family members. So, yes, they are just like you and me. And that’s all Katy Perry has in common with you. It seems unfair that even with their international fame, hordes of adoring fans, and millions of dollars, celebrities’ family members are often just as memorable to the history books as the celebrities themselves. If there were any real justice in this world, every celebrity ... More

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