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Top 10 most intense battles in US history

In the short history of our country, the United States rose to global military dominance — yeah, I said it. Come at me, China. But the road to the top was paved with the blood of good men and women. Looking back, there are some pivotal battles we remember with solemn pride and a little bit of hoo-rah. Let's check out 10 of the most intense battles in United States history. 10. The Battle of Chosin This blown bridge at Funchilin Pass blocked the only way out for U.S. and British forces with ... More

4 old school problems today's troops don't have to worry about

By Tim Kirkpatrick We Are The Mighty For decades, our troops have faced awful weather, separation from their families, and a diet consisting of the same daily rations, and yet they still complete their vital missions. In our eyes, that's badass! However, as time moves forward, so, too, does technology. Because of that, many modern troops don't face the same problems as those that came before them. It's important to always remember and respect just how tough our brothers and sisters- ... More

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