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How the 'missing man formation' honors fallen pilots

By Shannon Corbeil We Are The Mighty The first time I witnessed a 'missing man formation' was at the funeral of my grandfather, who flew the B-25 Mitchell during World War II. After his service in the Army Air Corps, he became a commercial pilot for TWA and then ventured into private flight. He died in an airplane crash at the age of 74 and my family gathered with his aviation community at Santa Paula Airport for his memorial. At the ceremony, we looked to the sky as a group of planes from the Condo ... More

The knee bone is service-connected to the backbone: Musculoskeletal disabilities

By Douglas G. Jackson, Esq. Military1 Columnist The Department of Veterans Affairs has a fairly well-kept secret: veterans are eligible to receive service-connected compensation, also called VA disability, for new medical conditions that begin years after discharge, provided these new conditions are caused by another injury that happened during military service. For example, when a veteran injures a knee during military service, it can actually cause problems in the back five years later because ... More

5 ways CrossFit benefits veterans

By Jacqlyn Cope We Are The Mighty Have you ever wondered why there's so much hype surrounding CrossFit? Well, it seems veterans are benefiting from the intense workouts in more ways than one.  Take Air Force Veteran Rachel Escolas for example. She tried out CrossFit for the first time while on deployment in Kandahar in October of 2012. After deployment, she had a burning passion for the sport and eventually became certified as a trainer in 2014 while founding her own CrossFit gym, CBUS Lifting Co. ... More

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