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5 veterans who became billionaires

By Sean Dodds We Are The Mighty These are the guys who have lived the American dream. Five former enlisted warriors from various services who raised their right hand when it was time to serve, then got out and hustled to earn what they knew could be theirs. These veterans went from E-1 to billionaire. 1. John Orin Edson, Army   Net worth: $1.6 Billion Mr. Edson’s service began during the Korean War when he enlisted in the Army, where he spent three years in the signal corps. Once out, E ... More

5 common movie mistakes veterans can spot right away

By Tim Kirkpatrick We Are The Mighty For decades, Hollywood has made military-based films that touch Americans’ hearts with epic characters and stunning imagery. Not every movie has a big budget, but it’s the attention to detail that the veteran community respects. When their branch is accurately represented on the big screen, Hollywood scores big points. Still, even when some filmmakers think they’ve done a great job, veterans notice the smallest error of detail in movies. Here’s ... More

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