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Why it's important for vets to be on the Burn Pit Registry

By Eric Milzarski We Are The Mighty The exposure of troops to burn pits and open-air sewage pits is a black eye on the Global War on Terrorism. While troops were fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, a quick and easy solution to getting rid of garbage and sewage was to simply set it on fire. Years later, this has resulted in wide-spread health issues that affect many of our veterans. The use of burn pits and the subsequent failure to address them as a serious issue has been likened to the struggles that Vietnam ... More

5 reasons why infantrymen are perfect for the SWAT team

By Eric Milzarski We Are The Mighty Many troops enlist with hopes of finding something bigger than themselves. After their contract is up, it's not uncommon for the battle-hardened grunt to feel lost in a world now unfamiliar. All the while, they're told that there's nothing out there for them but flipping burgers or greeting customers at some supermarket. Then, there's the world of law enforcement. The police force is, and always will be, trying to scoop up as many of these former-military ... More

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