Available Military RSS Feeds from Military1

What is an RSS feed?

If you're having a hard time managing the array of information you find on our site or receive from our newsletters, or simply want a more convenient way to manage and control your online military news and information, RSS feeds may be the answer.

Using very simple, easy-to-use, free or low-cost software called an RSS reader, you can have all the latest headlines on topics you choose delivered to you for free. When your reader displays a headline of interest, click the headline and you'll be whisked to Military1.com for the full story. This way you can see all the headlines from all your selected sources in a matter of seconds.

How do I get an RSS Reader?

New RSS readers are being developed every day. Here are a couple:

When you've found the reader you like and you want to add an RSS feed to it, here's the general procedure:

First, you need the URL of the Military1 RSS feed page:

  1. Click on the above RSS feed that interests you--for example, Military1 News.
  2. Copy the URL of the page that opens (for Military1 News, it's http://www.military1.com/rss/most-recent-articles).
  3. Then open up your newsreader software and paste that URL into the appropriate place. The new feed will appear under "My Feeds" or "My Subscriptions" -- you may wish to rename the feed to something that best suits you.

Click on any headline and the story will appear in the reader's built-in browser in the lower right window of the application.