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4 things you didn't know about Agent Orange

By Tim Kirkpatrick We Are The Mighty Over many centuries, various armies have created and deployed all sorts of weapons to be used against their enemies on the battlefield. Some of these inventive weapons go under modifications and come out the other end even bigger and more bad ass than before. On the flip side, some old school engineers and scientists get froggy and develop a liquid mixture that they don't fully understand before they let it loose into enemy territory. Once such infamous mixture that is s ... More

Vietnam sailors say Agent Orange is to blame for their medical issues

By Anna Douglas McClatchy Washington Bureau WASHINGTON — Sam Genco, at age 19, narrowly survived one of the United States’ worst military aircraft carrier fires. Today, 50 years later, it’s that ship’s drinking water he says could be killing him. Genco was diagnosed last year at a North Carolina veterans’ clinic with ischemic heart disease — a common condition the federal government says is linked to Agent Orange exposure. He suffers from severely blocked arteries, cuttin ... More

VA to extend benefits to reservists exposed to Agent Orange

By Barrie Barber Dayton Daily News, Ohio WASHINGTON — The Department of Veterans Affairs will extend long sought benefits to Air Force reservists who were exposed to Agent Orange residue on cargo planes in the United States, the federal agency announced Thursday. The VA has estimated between 1,500 to 2,100 reservists worked or flew aboard UC-123 Provider aircraft, many of which sprayed Agent Orange in Vietnam and then flew aeromedical and cargo missions in the U.S. between 1972-82. The fo ... More

Veterans issues: Agent Orange pressure mounts

By Holly Zachariah The Columbus Dispatch As a young man, Ralph DeSanto Jr. took apart the valves in front of him, valves that had come from C-123 aircraft that had repeatedly sprayed Agent Orange over Vietnam. Each time he popped a rubber seal, he said, a tiny plume of red dust rose up. Inside each valve was the crystallized chemical from the herbicide that was widely deployed to kill the vegetation that concealed the enemy in the jungles and forests during the Vietnam War. DeSanto never once thought tha ... More

Report: Agent Orange planes hold risk years after Vietnam

Associated Press WASHINGTON — The health of some U.S. Air Force reservists could have been put at risk from the residue left in planes that sprayed Agent Orange during the Vietnam War, the Institute of Medicine reported Friday. There's not much data about the level of contamination, but limited testing years later make it plausible that some reservists exceeded guidelines for exposure to the toxins in the defoliant, the report concluded. At issue are 24 C-123 planes that, after the military ... More

Report: No evidence of Agent Orange in barrels on Okinawa

By Matthew M. Burke and Chiyomi Sumida Stars and Stripes CAMP FOSTER, Okinawa — There is no evidence that dozens of empty chemical drums, unearthed last year on former U.S. military property, contained the toxic defoliant Agent Orange, according to a Japanese government report. The Okinawa Defense Bureau of the Ministry of Defense tested the final 61 of 83 barrels that were unearthed from land adjacent to the Kadena Air Base fence line. While it found they contained ingredients used in Agent Oran ... More