Special Forces' hand-to-hand combat training: Which is the most lethal?

SEALs, Delta, Green Beret, Rangers, Marine Force Recon or Air Force PJs?

Special Forces' hand-to-hand combat training: Which is the most lethal?

Sgt. Aarono Poloson, of Corning, NY, Marine Corps Martial Arts Instructor, far left, teaches soldiers from Marine Air Control Squadron 4 of U.S. Marine Corps, during Marine Corps Martial Arts Program, which is a new hand -to- hand combat exercise developed by Marine Corps which is based on mixture of several martial arts like, jujitsu, ai-kido and boxing Friday Jan. 17, 2003 at Kandahar Air Field in Kandahar, Afghanistan. (AP Photo/ Eugene Hoshiko)

A question posted on Quora asked, "In CQC (close quarters combat), who receives the most lethal hand to hand combat training: SEALs, Delta, Green Beret, Rangers, Marine Force Recon or Air Force PJs?" Below is just one of the responses. Check it out and add yours in the comments below. 

By Trace Evans, Black Belt, Marine Corps Martial Arts Program

This is very person dependent so for the sake of the answer I will give a perfect example. The Marine Corps takes it in my book, call me biased. The Marine Corps Martial Arts Program is utilized to train every Marine in hand to hand, and is used in Spec Ops training alongside whatever crazy training they do on their own. 

It was developed in 2001 and took techniques from multiple styles of martial arts. The techniques are designed to incapacitate, maim, or kill an opponent. MCMAP is a belt system starting with Tan. 

There are 5 belts in all: Tan, Gray, Green, Brown, and Black
A Marine with a Green belt or above can earn a tan tab indicating instructor status. A black belt can earn a red tab indicating instructor trainer status, or second degree black. Black has up to 5 red tabs, with the fifth indicating sixth degree black. 

Many Marines dislike MCMAP with most saying it doesn't teach much. This is wrong, in every way. While the beginner belts are basic techniques, the upper belts are brutal. Most advanced techniques are designed to kill, and anyone with a brown belt or above has gone full contact with another Marine (that's part of the syllabus). 

Any Marine wielding a Red tab or more is not someone most should attempt at going toe to toe with. To achieve just one red tab, or second degree status, the Marine attends a month long course that is designed to break you in half. They train 8 hours daily in the worst conditions possible, to include the heat room (basically a sauna). 

Anyone attempting to get a second degree or higher status must go through an application process, the Marine must be in the most physically fit state possible, and again goes through some rough training. To include the use of live bayonets. 

Any Marine trying to advance to fourth degree or 3 red tabs must also hold at least a first degree black belt in a civilian martial arts program that has been approved by the Corps. i.e.. Karate, Tae Kwon Do, etc. This is non-negotiable.

Basically, if anyone ever says they have a third, fourth, fifth, or sixth degree black belt in MCMAP, I don't suggest calling them out.  

For your viewing pleasure here is a video.


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