Did North Korea Photoshop its military might?

Did North Korea Photoshop its military might?

By Jen Upshaw Swartz
M1 Editor

Oh, North Korea. Did you do a little digital magic?

Lots of people, starting with the staff of The Atlantic, and now Gizmodo and The Guardian, think so. 

Eagle eyes studying up on the rogue nation's ongoing threat to blow everything up did a double take with this photo, released this week by the Korean Central News Agency. 

(KCNA Via KNS/AFP/Getty Images/The Atlantic)

The Atlantic's Alan Taylor says several crafts appear to be cut and pasted into the scene, reportedly taken on the North's eastern coast on Monday.

"Two hovercraft crashing through the surf, nearest to the photographer, appear to be just a single hovercraft, with a digital twin copied and pasted nearby," notes Taylor. "Two of the more distant craft appear to be digital twins as well. A third vehicle in the scene has some of the hallmarks of digital pasting, including color mismatch, a slight halo, and soft edges."

Most notably, these guys in red here, although that one in front looks funky too (where's the wake, The Atlantic wondered):


Let's take a closer look, shall we?





Alrighty then.

The Guardian points out that this isn't the first time Pyongyang has been accused of playing with pixels. A photo taken in December 2011 came into question when several men mysterious vanished from the shot after they appeared distracted from the no-doubt riveting funeral procession of North Korea's former leader, Kim Jong-il.


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