Affirmative: 'Top Gun 2' is 'happening'

By Military1 Staff This news is going to take your breath away: Top Gun 2 is happening. The long-circulated rumors were confirmed by Maverick himself in an interview on an Australian morning show, who said filming should start within the next year. The plot? Well… (GIF via GIPHY) It will be interesting to see how the new yet-to-be-named director handles the onslaught of technology utilized by the military these days, mainly the heavy reliance on unmanned aircraft. In the 31 yeas since &lsqu ... More

Fake Navy SEAL gets 4 years in prison

Jeanette Steele The San Diego Union-Tribune A 68-year-old Wisconsin man who falsely claimed to be a Navy SEAL wounded four times in Vietnam has been sentenced to four years in prison for theft and faking paperwork. U.S. prosecutors say Kenneth E. Jozwiak produced fake discharge paperwork in 2014 to get U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs pension benefits intended for low-income wartime veterans. In 2014, Jozwiak submitted a discharge certificate that claimed he served as a Navy SEAL from 1965 to 1968 and ... More

Trump seeks $52B increase in defense spending

Barrie Barber Dayton Daily News, Ohio The Trump administration unveiled a $639.1 billion defense budget proposal Tuesday that it says is a step toward restoring military readiness levels that would boost the number of airmen in uniform. As part of the budget, however, the administration is asking for a new round of military base closures in 2021. The proposed defense budget is a $52 billion increase over defense spending caps imposed under sequestration, and a 3 percent hike over an Obama administration ... More

Trump proposes 2.1 percent pay increase for troops

By Military1 Staff The Trump administration released their 2018 defense budget proposal this week, which includes a 2.1 percent pay increase for military service members. The plan also calls for 4,000 more troops for each the Air Force and the Navy, while troop levels in the Army and Marine Corps would remain the same. The administration’s budget plan is an ambitious one, and must get through the Senate before becoming law. More

US forces kill 7 al-Qaida members in nighttime Yemen raid

By Associated Press WASHINGTON — The Defense Department says U.S. forces have killed seven members of al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula during a raid in Yemen early Tuesday. U.S. Central Command says the forces used "a combination of small arms fire and precision airstrikes" to attack the compound in Marib Governorate in central Yemen. It says, "Raids such as this provide insight into AQAP's disposition, capabilities and intentions, which will allow us to continue to pursue, disrup ... More

How silencers make infantry weapons better

By Christian Lowe We Are The Mighty It’s been said that Marine Corps infantry chief warrant officers have more weapons knowledge stored in their pinkie fingers than most people will learn in a lifetime. And our experience over the years hasn’t chipped away at that assumption one bit. Dubbed “Gunners,” these limited duty officers hail from the enlisted ranks and spend the balance of their careers acting as infantry experts for a variety of ground-related commands, including divisions ... More