Navy warship harassed by 4 Iranian boats

By Lolita C. Baldor ABC News Four Iranian small boats harassed a U.S. Navy warship near the Persian Gulf, but no missiles were fired, the chief of naval operations said Wednesday. A U.S. defense official said the Iranian boats approached the Nitze at high speed on Wednesday, in an unsafe and unprofessional manner. The destroyer fired ten flares in the direction of the Iranian boats and sounded the ship's whistle several times in an effort to warn the boats away, the official said. The Nitze also tried t ... More

Fort Carson debunks martial law social media rumor

By Tom Roeder The Gazette (Colorado Springs, Colo.) Fort Carson officials didn't take long to blast big holes in a phony memo circulating on the internet that claims its troops are getting ready to enforce martial law. Conspiracy theorists have long linked the post to easily debunked plots to separate Americans from their freedoms, and the latest involves an alleged memo from the post's 4th Infantry Division ordering troops to train for a military takeover of law enforcement starting next month. ... More

Dallas shooter showed signs of PTSD after deployment

By Kevin Krause and Sue Ambrose The Dallas Morning News The Army veteran who killed five police officers in downtown Dallas last month told military medical staff that he was having serious psychological problems shortly after he returned from Afghanistan in 2014. The sounds of mortar fire echoed in his head, Micah Johnson complained to Veterans Affairs workers, and he suffered from insomnia, paranoia and panic attacks. He said he was angry all the time. "I feel stress, anger, road rage, my heart fe ... More

US service member killed in Afghanistan

By Tom Vanden Brook USA Today WASHINGTON — An American service member was killed Tuesday in Afghanistan, the first combat casualty there since January, the military announced. The attack on a patrol with a roadside bomb occurred in Helmand province where Taliban forces have been gaining ground against Afghan government security forces. The U.S.-led NATO coalition bolstering Afghan troops have scrambled in recent days to keep them from losing Helmand province, the restive area home to many Taliban memb ... More