10 life hacks to get you through deployment boredom

By Eric Milzarski We Are The Mighty The one thing no one ever talks about with deployments is the mind numbing boredom that comes between missions. Times have changed from the “Wild West” days of early 2000’s where even having a power outlet was a luxury. Things have gotten slightly less monotonous but they haven’t changed that much. Troops are still sitting at the same USO, playing on the same broken Foosball table, watching the same videos that have been shared by everyone. Here ... More

USAF failed to submit Texas shooter's criminal history to FBI

By Robert Burn AP National Security Writer WASHINGTON — The Air Force failed to report the accused Texas church shooter's domestic violence conviction to the FBI as required by Pentagon rules, officials said Monday. Devin Patrick Kelley was convicted of assault against his wife and stepson in an Air Force court-martial in New Mexico in 2012 and served 12 months in confinement before being given a bad-conduct discharge in 2014. He is the suspected gunman in the attack Sunday in Sutherland S ... More

US service member killed in Afghanistan

By Stefan Becket CBS News The U.S. military says an American service member was killed in Afghanistan on Saturday afternoon. The U.S. command in Afghanistan said the service member died of injuries sustained during an operation in Logar province in the eastern part of the country. The military didn't release the service member's identity or any details about the circumstances of the death. "On behalf of U.S. Forces – Afghanistan, we offer our deepest condolences to the family of our fa ... More

Judge rules Bergdahl will not serve prison time for desertion

By Jonathan Drew Associated Press FORT BRAGG, N.C. — Bowe Bergdahl, the soldier who walked off his post in Afghanistan and triggered a search that left several comrades severely wounded, will serve no prison time, a military judge ruled Friday at the end of the politically divisive case that stirred debate during the president campaign. President Donald Trump, whose campaign-trail criticism loomed over the case, quickly called the sentence a "disgrace." The charges centered ... More