New show chronicles the lives of military heroes from Black Sunday

David Wiegand San Francisco Chronicle We have always told the stories of war, going back deep in human history. Wars are fought for land, for power, for resources, over religious or ethnic differences, for no discernible reason. But we tell the stories of war, often glorifying “our” side, and demonizing the enemy. War is not healthy for children and other living things, the poster tells us, but it is an inevitable part of our lore as a species. “The Long Road Home,” an eight-part scr ... More

Midshipman found dead at Maryland shooting range

Rachael Pacella The Capital, Annapolis, Md. Monday afternoon a midshipman was found dead at a shooting range in Prince George’s County, Naval Academy officials confirmed Wednesday. Midshipman First Class Juan Jimenez was found dead at Prince George’s County Trap and Skeet Center Monday around 1 p.m., spokesman Cmdr. David McKinney said in an email. The incident is under investigation by Naval Criminal Investigative Service, McKinney said. In a note to faculty and staff sent Tuesday morning, a ... More

5 military myths Hollywood swears are true

By Tim Kirkpatrick We Are The Mighty Movies are badass! That’s why producers spend millions of dollars making them. Sometimes the films we watch are so freaking compelling audience members forget they watching a movie and believe everything they see. We’re all guilty of falling for it. Many moviegoers get sold on the narrative as the story unfolds across the big screen — even to the point where the performances feel real, and the delicate line between truth and fiction becomes too thin ... More

Soldier identified 66 years after he died in Korean War

Rick Dandes The Daily Item, Sunbury, Pa. MIDDLEBURG — The remains of a Snyder County soldier, declared dead and missing 66 years ago in the Korean War, were returned to his family Monday afternoon. Army Pfc. Walter Hackenberg of Middleburg thus came home to his five still-living sisters, and will be laid to rest this Thursday at the Zion United Methodist Cemetery, said his sister Stella Knepp. His remains were flown into Harrisburg from Hawaii on Monday, and a volunteer honor guard of motorcyclists ... More

How you can use the GI Bill with purpose

By SPC Joshua Heath RallyPoint 1) Choose a degree that leads to a career and a school that can help build a career network. I know it looks tempting to get the BAH, and take random classes. Don’t take that temptation. If you have to, go to a community college for two years to get a taste for school, and then choose a direction. 2) Choose a school that lets you go to school year-round. If you can take 6 classes per semester, do it. If four is better for your school-life balance, do that. Reme ... More