Sexual assault victims eligible for VA benefits

By Douglas G. Jackson, Esq. Military1 Columnist Sexual assault is a mortifying secret for far too many veterans. Although it is not often talked about, Military Sexual Trauma, or “MST” as it is often called, is a significant problem in the military. Some of this is due to hazing, dominance and other unexplained reasons. Regardless of the cause, individuals who are victims of MST can experience various mental health problems. According to Stephanie Cojocaru, Psy.D., a psychologist in Florida, scr ... More

6 reasons Marines love the M27

By David Grove We Are The Mighty Over the course of the past two wars, Marines learned a lot of lessons and gained a lot of new weapons and equipment to increase their effectiveness on the modern battlefield. But when we started to realize just how outdated the M249 Squad Automatic Weapon became, the search for a replacement began. The M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle did just that for the standard Marine infantry squad, much to the disdain of many Marines until they realized its application fit a larger spectr ... More

Doctors advised to look for links between illness, military service

Martin C. Evans Newsday Doctors and other clinicians who treat veterans often miss links between certain maladies and a patient’s prior military service — oversights that can hamper medical care and even cost patients money in the form of missed medical benefits. That was the conclusion of veterans advocates who pointed to a host of medical maladies found to have possible links to military service, including cancers, Type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and heart conditions. The advocat ... More

5 things about the M16A4 you complained about

By David Grove We Are The Mighty The M16A4 was the standard service rifle for the Marine Corps until October, 2015, when it was decided that the M4 Carbine would replace them in infantry battalions. For whatever reason, civilians tend to think the M16A4 is awesome when, in reality, it's actually despised by a lot of Marines. Now, the M16A4 is, by far, not the worst weapon, but it didn't exactly live up to the expectations laid out for it. They're accurate and the recoil is as soft as being hit i ... More