Terror attack survivor forges bonds with wounded warriors

By Sig Christenson San Antonio Express-News Tech. Sgt. Trevor Brewer will never forget the moment when a lone-wolf terrorist put a 9 mm handgun to his head and pulled the trigger, twice. That came during a surreal attack outside a German airport. It has taken him years to work through the memories of two U.S. airmen shot dead, one of them a young man he supervised. Then a staff sergeant, Brewer and other airmen had boarded a bus at Frankfurt Main International Airport on March 2, 2011. The bus was headed ... More

Army opposes hockey team's use of Golden Knights name

Jesse Granger Las Vegas Sun The U.S. Department of the Army has filed a notice of opposition against the Vegas Golden Knights with the United States Trademark and Patent Office over the use of the hockey team’s name. The United States Military Academy, commonly referred to as West Point, uses the team name “Black Knights” for most athletics, but the Army’s parachute team has been called the Golden Knights since at least 1969. In its trademark opposition, the Army essentially argue ... More

USAFA cadet faces court-martial in bathroom peeping incidents

Tom Roeder The Gazette (Colorado Springs, Colo.) A male Air Force Academy cadet accused of taking pictures of female classmates inside a women's restroom on the campus faces court-martial Thursday morning. Freshman cadet Sammy Tawakkol is also charged with two counts of attempting to take illicit photos and a single count of violating a commander's order to stay away from women's restrooms. He's headed for a "special court-martial" - a military court of limited jurisdiction that ... More

5 planes the Navy should bring back

By Harold Hutchison We Are The Mighty The Navy’s got some planes that are capable of doing some amazing things. But, even with these amazing aircraft, are there some planes the Navy should bring back from retirement? For the following airframes, we think that answer is a resounding, “Yes!” Let’s take a look. 5. Lockheed S-3 Viking/ES-3 Shadow The S-3 Viking was more than just a submarine hunter. This plane also could carry out aerial refueling missions, electronic intelligence, an ... More

Top 6 Army recruiting videos from the 1960s to now

By Military1 Staff The Army’s core mission may not have changed in the over 241 years they have been protecting America, but the way they recruit for that mission sure has. From appealing to the adventurous side of potential soldiers to using John Travolta as a poster boy for the Army life everyone thinks they’re going to have (really, guys?), these Army recruitment videos show their age, and not just due to the fuzzy images. Which video would have made you run right out and enlist? 1. 1960 ... More

Army deploys 500 soldiers from Fort Drum to Iraq

Mark Weiner Syracuse Media Group, N.Y. WASHINGTON — About 500 soldiers from the Army's 10th Mountain Division at Fort Drum will deploy to Iraq this spring as part of a regular rotation of forces, U.S. Army officials said Wednesday. The soldiers from the 10th Mountain Division's Headquarters unit will replace the 1st Armored Division Headquarters soldiers who have been deployed to Iraq as U.S. forces led an international coalition fighting the Islamic State. The Army did not disclo ... More

Camp Pendleton celebrates 100th anniversary of 11th Marine Regiment

Erika I. Ritchie The Orange County Register CAMP PENDLETON —  Marines and veterans celebrated the centennial anniversary of the 11th Marine Regiment with a battle colors ceremony honoring its history and heritage, Tuesday, Jan. 9 at Camp Pulgas. The celebration, held indoors due to Tuesday’s rainstorms, brought together current and former Marines serving in the 11th Marine Regiment. It included a re-dedication of their battle colors, with awards and streamers presented from the unit&rs ... More

Soldier killed in Iraq supporting OIR

By Military1 Staff One day after responding to a group text with family members, Spc. Javion Shavonte Sullivan died on Jan. 8 while supporting Operation Inherent Resolve in Iraq. A Department of Defense press release said Sullivan’s death was from a non-combat related incident, and an investigation is pending. Sullivan leaves behind his wife, Rayven, who has been by his side since they were 13 years old, and his 3-year-old daughter, Mahogany. Sullivan’s grandmother, Katherine, told Fox Caro ... More

Navy recruiter suspected of using position to lure sex-abuse victims

Anna Marum The Oregonian, Portland, Ore. A Beaverton man is in jail on suspicion of using his role as a Navy recruiter to lure at least one minor into sexual relations. The Clackamas County Sheriff's Office arrested Sean William Kelly, 27, on Monday. Kelly faces charges that include second-degree sex abuse, third-degree sex abuse, luring a minor and sexual delinquency of a minor. He is being held at Clackamas County Jail. His bail has been set at $75,000. Police say the victim, a student, met Kell ... More