5 life lessons today's troops could learn from Vietnam vets

By Eric Milzarski We Are The Mighty It’s easy to look at different eras of veterans and write them off as coming a different time, a different place, a different war. The truth is, the old Vietnam vet you met at the Legion while trying to get cheap drinks isn’t all that different from our men and women fighting today in Iraq and Afghanistan. Toss a drink or two his way and share some stories. Life sucks in the sandbox, but things in the jungle weren’t any better. Whether you’re out t ... More

6 questions you asked yourself after your first firefight

By Tim Kirkpatrick We Are The Mighty You’re on a foot patrol in a dangerous war-zone and you haven’t taken any enemy contact yet. It’s hot outside and all you want to do is head back to the patrol base and snack on an MRE. Then, it happens. Snap! Crack! Boom! Your first firefight breaks out and you put all of your training to use engaging the enemy. After the chaos ends, these questions will enter your mind and help better prepare you for your next mission or patrol. 6. How well did ... More

4 downsides of advanced technology when it comes to security

By Spc. Daniel Bowen RallyPoint Well before the War on Terror, the security industry increased ten-fold. As part of that expansion, the equipment that supports our industry has adapted and evolved to accommodate the challenges that we face. In fact, equipment that was once only conceivable as part of a Hollywood movie is now commonplace. The problem is, as we increasingly rely on more and more technologically advanced and even intuitive equipment, many of us in the security industry are slowly losing touch wit ... More

Why Army helicopters are named after native tribes

By Harold Hutchison We Are The Mighty The Army’s helicopters have a number of names you recognize immediately: Apache, Black Hawk, Kiowa, Lakota, Comanche. They are also known as the names of Native American tribes. This is not a coincidence. The pilot of an AH-64 Apache helicopter from the 12th Combat Aviation Brigade fires AGM-114 Hellfire missiles during the combined arms live fire training exercise for Saber Strike 16 at the Estonian Defense Forces central training area near Tapa, Estonia on Jun ... More

6 facts about the longest-living president's military career

By Military1 Staff At 93 years and 166 days old as of last week, former President George H.W. Bush now holds the title as the longest living U.S. president. He overtook the distinction from former President Gerald Ford, who died in December 2006 at 93 and 165 days old. The revelation was first reported on by political writer Gabe Fisher, who tweeted the current list of presidential longevity as it stands. U.S. Presidents by longevity, as of today: — @GeorgeHWBush: 93 years, 166 days — Gera ... More

5 times pilots got in trouble for having fun in the sky

By Harold Hutchison We Are The Mighty The EA-18 crew that did an ‘American Vandal’-inspired move in the sky is likely to face some heat from brass who have no sense of humor. I mean, it wasn’t like they did anything unsafe (which the FAA admits), but they’re likely to get in trouble for their move. They won’t be the first, though. Here are some times pilots got in trouble for their fancy flying. 5. World War II: Richard Bong in San Francisco Richard Bong was America&rs ... More