5 veterans who became billionaires

By Sean Dodds We Are The Mighty These are the guys who have lived the American dream. Five former enlisted warriors from various services who raised their right hand when it was time to serve, then got out and hustled to earn what they knew could be theirs. These veterans went from E-1 to billionaire. 1. John Orin Edson, Army   Net worth: $1.6 Billion Mr. Edson’s service began during the Korean War when he enlisted in the Army, where he spent three years in the signal corps. Once out, E ... More

5 common movie mistakes veterans can spot right away

By Tim Kirkpatrick We Are The Mighty For decades, Hollywood has made military-based films that touch Americans’ hearts with epic characters and stunning imagery. Not every movie has a big budget, but it’s the attention to detail that the veteran community respects. When their branch is accurately represented on the big screen, Hollywood scores big points. Still, even when some filmmakers think they’ve done a great job, veterans notice the smallest error of detail in movies. Here’s ... More

The Super Bowl is getting the most awesome Air Force flyover ever

By Harold Hutchison We Are The Mighty Fans tuning in to watch Super Bowl LII, where the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles will face off to determine who is the best in the NFL, will also see a bit of history during the pre-game ceremonies. For the first time, the Air Force Heritage Flight, including a North American P-51 Mustang, will conduct the traditional flyover. A North American P-51 takes off from Iwo Jima, in the Bonin Islands. From this hard-won base our fighters escorted the B-29&rsquo ... More

SNL pokes fun at fighter pilot call signs

By Military1 Staff In the most recent installment of Saturday Night Live's 43rd season, alumnus Will Ferrell returned to host. Known for his iconic show characters, such as Alex Trebek on Celebrity Jeopardy and his portrayl of former President George W. Bush, in one scene, Ferrell took on the persona of a fighter jet pilot with a unique call sign.  Outlandish and not at all realistic, the skit was classic Ferrell.  Check out this clip, and let us know in the comments: What is the most unique ... More

Veterans' court case clears the road for higher ratings

By Douglas G. Jackson Military1 Columnist The Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims issued another major decision that is extremely helpful to veterans seeking higher disability ratings. The decision in the case King v. Shulkin is written by one of the newest judges, the Honorable Michael Allen. In this case, the Court specifically decided that a veteran may be entitled to what is called an “extraschedular” rating, even if the disability does not meet a higher rating ba ... More

5 planes the Navy should bring back

By Harold Hutchison We Are The Mighty The Navy’s got some planes that are capable of doing some amazing things. But, even with these amazing aircraft, are there some planes the Navy should bring back from retirement? For the following airframes, we think that answer is a resounding, “Yes!” Let’s take a look. 5. Lockheed S-3 Viking/ES-3 Shadow The S-3 Viking was more than just a submarine hunter. This plane also could carry out aerial refueling missions, electronic intelligence, an ... More

Top 6 Army recruiting videos from the 1960s to now

By Military1 Staff The Army’s core mission may not have changed in the over 241 years they have been protecting America, but the way they recruit for that mission sure has. From appealing to the adventurous side of potential soldiers to using John Travolta as a poster boy for the Army life everyone thinks they’re going to have (really, guys?), these Army recruitment videos show their age, and not just due to the fuzzy images. Which video would have made you run right out and enlist? 1. 1960 ... More

6 signs that you might be a veteran

By Paul Davis We Are The Mighty Every well-worn U.S. veteran has certain and unique characteristics. Some of them are unsavory reminders of services rendered, while others are just plain peculiar. The life of a veteran is varied and uncommon to the layman and so are many of the conditions that follow. So, you might be a veteran if: 6. Your joints are freakin’ shot! When you joined the military, you were a superb physical specimen able to run, jump, and generally be amazing without any real is ... More