Military officials react to white nationalist rally in Charlottesville

By Military1 Staff After President Trump made additional statements about the Charlottesville, N.C., rally and protest over the weekend, many military officials are coming out against his stance. The rally, which resulted in the death of a 32-year-old woman and two police officers, was inspired after city officials planned to remove a Confederate statue, prompting protests and counter-protests. On Saturday, Adm. John Richardson, the chief of naval operations, tweeted a firm denouncement of the violence at the r ... More

Are senior leaders seeing the whole picture?

By RallyPoint In a February talk with the Center for Strategic and International studies, Chief of Staff of the Air Force, General David Goldfien stated, “I think in future conflict the victory will go to that individual who can actually turn data to decision.”[1] For me, I couldn’t agree more. However, after having a few discussions with individuals across multiple age groups, questions arise if senior leaders, as of today, are able to actually take data to a decision, or more specifically, t ... More

7 unrealistic Navy SEAL characters in the movies

By Tim Kirkpatrick We Are The Mighty Since the halcyon days of World War II frogmen, Navy SEALs have completed some of the most dangerous missions ever largely in the shadows — until the book comes out, that is. When done correctly, Hollywood has produced a few films that give those brave men credit where it’s due. However, some films try to capitalize on the respected SEAL image by creating characters that are so far-fetched, many veterans call bullsh*t on it right way. So check out our list ... More

The science behind MREs

By Eric Milzarski We Are The Mighty There is an ebb and flow with a troop’s love, hate, and pure apathy toward eating Meals, Ready to Eat. Either you score the new Chicken Burrito Bowl or you get stuck with a veggie option so foul no amount of salt can help cover the taste. It usually goes from the “Oh cool! MREs!” feeling, to then despising the concept of eating from the same 24 brown bags for months, and finally gets beaten into a state of pure Stockholm Syndrome where you get used to an ... More

How cutters are sinking the Coast Guard

By Harold Hutchison We Are The Mighty The Coast Guard has been on patrol since 1790, and it has often had to do a lot with very little in the way of assets. Now, some of the assets it does have may be relatively useless. According to a veteran Coast Guard officer who published his concerns in Proceedings magazine, a number of the major cutters (those over 210 feet in length) are “ill-equipped—and often ill-suited—to handle the challenges and dangers in their areas of operation.” Furt ... More

Celebrate National Coast Guard Day with these USCG-inspired Lego sets

By Military1 Staff The U.S. Coast Guard turns 227 this week, which means they’ve been guarding our shores for almost as long as America has existed. As you honor the Coast Guard for the dedicated work they do guarding our shores, along with their 10 other responsibilities, try out these USCG-inspired Lego sets, created just in time for National Coast Guard Day. Happy building!   Coast Guard Starter Set – 76 pieces For those just wanting to dip their toe into the Lego world of the ... More

What are some common superstitions in the U.S. Armed Forces?

By Military1 Staff A question recently posted on Quora asks: “What are some common superstitions in the U.S. Armed Forces?” Check out the answers below and add your own in the comments.   Stephen Sanford, U.S. Army veteran Funny story. before we deployed to Iraq my unit stop-over in Shannon Ireland. While wandering around the gift shop my eyes were drawn to a Sterling silver Celtic cross. So I bought it. It was attached to my dog tags before we entered Iraq. Nothing happened. IEDs wou ... More