Military/Press Releases

US Army Orders Oshkosh Next-Generation Heavy Hauler

  The US Army has awarded a $440m production contract to Oshkosh for over 1,000 of the newest configuration of the heavy equipment transporter (HET). HET A1 is designed for the quick transport of battle tanks, fighting and recovery vehicles, armoured vehicles, construction equipment and crews. The latest vehicle configuration includes increased horsepower, higher-capacity front suspension, electrical upgrades, improved diagnost ... More

J&N Tactical launches the new Vandal BR-5

The new Vandal™ BR-5 is the most destructive and effective break and rake tool on the market today. The Vandal™ is available in the following lengths: 36", 54" and 72". The two break-head design allows the operator a greater tacticaladvantage when breaking and clearing out an opening. The new “hammer plate” located at the base of the “Y” removes both vertical and horizontal window supports with ease ... More

CEIA SMD601 Only Metal Detector to Fully Comply with NIJ Standard

Twinsburg, Ohio –CEIA USA, which has provided metal detection solutions to a variety of industries for many years, possesses the only metal detector in the industry to comply with all the required sections of the NIJ Standard 0601.02 (U.S. Dep. Of Justice) that establishes requirements of sensitivity, discrimination and immunity for law enforcement and correctional facilities. Because the CEIA SMD601 Multi-Zone Metal Detector was ... More

NPPD/FPS awards 5 year contract for Enhanced Metal Detectors to CEIA USA

CEIA USA is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a five year contract by FPS for the supply of Enhanced Walk-Through Metal Detectors, model 02PN20 for the protection of Federal buildings.The 02PN20 is already deployed in the majority of US airports and is in use by many other Federal Agencies. It represents the state of the art in detection of conventional and non-conventional metal weapons, combining high security with high ra ... More

CPE Introduce the New Tactical IED-Stopping Vest at MILIPOL 2009

  2009 has been the most deadly year for ISAF in Afghanistan since operations there started, due to the insurgents' increased use of improvised explosive devices (IEDs). The IED is already the main cause of coallition casualties, and as the Taliban become more organized and professional, as stated by NATO officials, the threats posed from IEDs will only get more pronounced. It is a fact that many of those how have been kille ... More