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Uniform Stories provides unique insight from the men and women serving in the military. The stories told in this column are meant to offer a channel for soldiers to share their experiences while connecting with the community and each other. Uniform Stories content is both entertaining and practical.

Which MRE will you eat for dinner?

Nothing says delicious like meat in a cardboard box that can last for about five years. Which meal, ready-to-eat is on your menu tonight? In 5 questions, can we uncover your MRE craving?  ...

Video: Don't fall asleep in the military

By Uniform Stories If you fall asleep in the military, you will be messed with. It's the law...or something. You've been warned.    

Video: Dogs welcome back their servicemember

There is nothing like a furry friend to let you know you were missed. 

Why this Afghan war vet joined the VFW

By Jonathan Raab Coming home from each deployment, the last thing I wanted was to be surrounded by military culture or soldiers. I‘d had my fill of Joe, NCOs, officers, and DoD civilians ali ...

7 popular musicians who served in the military

By Ben Pugh You may be surprised to learn that these well known rockers and rappers all signed on the dotted line and served our country. Some, of course, were better suited than others. #1 - E ...

Quiz: Are these guns real or fake?

Even the most weapon-savvy soldier will have their work cut out for them with this quiz. Can you answer all six questions correctly? Did you like this quiz? Here is another you might be intere ...

To those offended by the word 'American'

By Jeff Edwards If your body physically resides in the United States of America and you are offended by the word “American”, then prepare to call your therapist, because this is going ...

Which famous battle were you meant to fight in?

Without these battles, the world as we know it would be a very different place. Which battle were you meant to fight in, and which cause were you fighting for?     

5 ways to spot a veteran

By Paul D. Mooney These days, with the recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan having wound down and those same wars only just beginning to wind back up again, we veterans are more plentiful than we h ...

5 signs your spouse has PTSD

By Kate Gillie, Uniform Stories Contributor Here are 5 signs that do not necessarily mean your spouse has PTSD, but that there are problems that shouldn’t be ignored: 1. Vortex of Numb ...