The Military1 Deployment Topic provides reports, opinion pieces, video resources and more on military deployment. In this topic you’ll find information on DoD and White House deployment policy, advice from active service members currently deployed and insight on what you and your family can expect as you're preparing to deploy.

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Mattis: Army must remain 'dominant' and 'ready'

Drew Brooks The Fayetteville Observer, N.C. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said the Army must continue to improve and evolve to face ever-changing threats. Mattis said the Army is the greatest in the world, but it must adapt to emerging domains ... - More

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How to make the military deployment process smoother?

There’s a lot to consider before your spouse leaves on their next military deployment. No matter where they’re deploying to, or for how long, the checklist can help make the military deployment process smoother for you and your family. ... - More