Soldier surprises family with homecoming at Legoland Florida

A U.S. Army soldier surprised his wife and children with a homecoming reunion during a trip to Legoland Florida on July 4th

Soldier surprises family with homecoming at Legoland Florida

Legoland Resort Florida. (Photo/Flickr)

By Military1 Staff

A military family enjoying a day at Legoland Florida got more than they bargained on Independence Day.

U.S. Army Master Sgt. Tom Cruz coordinated his surprise homecoming from his six-month deployment with Legoland Florida Resort for weeks prior to the reveal, and it paid off in touching way on July 4.

“He reached out in early May, and we pounced on it,” Legoland Senior Public Relations Manager David Brady told ABC News. “We knew it had the potential to be really moving.”

As the Cruz family enjoyed special treatment for what they thought was their prize for winning a contest, Sgt. Cruz was waiting to surprise them.

"They went above and beyond. They made us feel like we were the most important people in that park and made everything so special for us,” his wife, Heather, said.

During a pirate-themed water show, the announcer said, "Look who it is to save the day -- Tom Cruz!" as the soldier ran out to join his shocked family.

"My daughter looked up at me and smiled like, 'Mom, is that dad? That's dad! That's dad!'" Heather said.

A fireworks show at the resort capped off what was a memorable day for the Cruz family.