Top 6 Army recruiting videos from the 1960s to now

Be all that you can be. Army Strong. John Travolta?

By Military1 Staff

The Army’s core mission may not have changed in the over 241 years they have been protecting America, but the way they recruit for that mission sure has.

From appealing to the adventurous side of potential soldiers to using John Travolta as a poster boy for the Army life everyone thinks they’re going to have (really, guys?), these Army recruitment videos show their age, and not just due to the fuzzy images.

Which video would have made you run right out and enlist?

1. 1960s: You want action?

2. 1970s: The John Travolta appeal

3. 1980s: Do it for your hometown

4. 1990s: Be all you can be

5. 2000s: Army strong

6. 2016: We are a team