Celebrate military children with Purple Up Day

Symbolic of the combined colors of the service branches, wearing purple recognizes the sacrifices of military children

Celebrate military children with Purple Up Day

(Photo/Rachel Engel)

By Military1 Staff

April is the Month of the Military Child, and on April 21 the Department of Defense and the military community will be celebrating the sacrifices of our littlest warriors with Purple Up Day.

The movement encourages people to wear purple and show their support for the children of service members whose lives are often uprooted to serve the needs of the military.

The color purple was chosen as a symbolic combination of the service branch colors: Army green, Coast Guard blue, Air Force blue, Marine red and Navy blue.

The Month of the Military Child was created in 1986 and celebrates the nearly 2 million children who have one or both parents serving their country in the military.

Children of service members deal with major life changes like frequent moves and saying goodbye to their military parent for months at a time, which can make it even harder to deal with the everyday frustrations and hardships of childhood and adolescence.

How can you help military children?


There are organizations that specifically support the children of service members, with everything from providing them with comfort items while their parents is away to financing a trip to summer camp, something many military families can’t afford. There are also organizations that provide emotional, financial and educational assistance to military children who have lost a parent in the line of duty.

Support legislation that supports military families

Military children are directly affected when defense spending is cut, or when legislation supporting veterans and their families is voted down. Be aware of the people behind the congressional jargon, and support fulfilling the promises made by politicians to troops and their families when they signed the dotted line.

Do you have or know a military brat that you will celebrate this Friday?