Mental Health

The Military1 Mental Health Topic provides news reports, expert opinion, video resources and more on mental health of those in the Armed Forces. In this topic you’ll find information for service members – whether active, reserve or veteran - on mental health benefits, treatment, PTSD and support.

Mental Health Articles

5 signs your spouse has PTSD

By Kate Gillie, Uniform Stories Contributor Here are 5 signs that do not necessarily mean your spouse has PTSD, but that there are problems that shouldn’t be ignored: 1. Vortex of Numb Does your spouse come home from work and sit in t ... - More

Mental Health Videos

PSA: I'm good, but are you ready to listen?

When you ask how someone is doing and get the response “I’m good,” do you ever give it a second thought? The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and the U.S. Department of Defense have come together to create a video that addresses this questio ... - More

Mental Health Exclusives

4 emergency hotlines vets with PTSD can call for help

By Rachel Engel Military1 Staff After law enforcement officials determined the identity of the Fort Lauderdale International Airport shooter to be Iraq war veteran Esteban Santiago, reports emerged of his combat service and prior issues with Pos ... - More