Sweden institutes military draft for both men and women

To build up troop numbers, the Swedish government is requiring both genders to sign up for the draft

By Military1 Staff

After abolishing mandatory military service of its male citizens in 2010 because of adequate amounts of volunteers, the Swedish government is now requiring both men and women to sign up for a draft to bolster dropping troop amounts.

"The all-volunteer recruitment hasn't provided the Armed Forces with enough trained personnel,” Swedish officials told Fox News. “The re-activating of conscription is needed for military readiness."


Swedish armed forces currently stand at 20,000 troops, with 84 percent male and 16 percent female. Under the new requirements, nearly 13,000 18-year-olds will sign up, of which up to 4,000 could be called to serve each year.

Officials, who have often described the country’s government as “feminist,” said that “modern conscription is gender neutral and will include both women and men.”

Defense Minister Peter Hultqvist said he was inspired by Norway, who first instituted draft requirements for both genders in 2013.