15 top-rated military documentaries on Netflix

Looking to learn as well as be entertained? Check out our list for the top military documentaries on the streaming service

15 top-rated military documentaries on Netflix

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Updated January 2018

By Rachel Engel
Military1 Staff

Netflix has a little bit of everything: Television shows, comedies, dramas, Oscar-winners. The streaming giant also has a massive collection of documentaries, including an impressive list about military operations, wars and historical accounts.

So, if you’re a history buff looking to learn a little more, or just someone interested in the world’s military past, check out our list of the top streaming documentaries on Netflix.

1. The War

A seven-part series brings World War II to life through the harrowing personal accounts of soldiers and others from "typical" American towns.

2. Brothers in War

Home movies, audio tape and letters from members of Charlie Company, the last U.S. platoon sent to Vietnam, illuminate the conflict as never before.

3. Last Days in Vietnam

This documentary recounts the Vietnam War’s final days, when unexpected roadblocks threatened the evacuation of America’s South Vietnamese allies.

4. Travis: A Soldier's Story

After Army Staff Sgt. Travis Mills loses his limbs while serving in Afghanistan, he begins a courageous battle to rebuild his life at home. 

5. Secrets of the SAS: In Their Own Words

In this groundbreaking series, ex-SAS soldiers reveal the truth about life in one of the world's most secretive and feared military units. 

6. The Wheelchair President

Examine how President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s ailing health and failing marriage impacted the conclusion and aftermath of World War II.

7. Great Raids of World War II

This series presents six stories of small-scale Allied military operations told through the accounts of World War II veterans and archival footage. 

8. Exit Afghanistan

Featuring interviews with participants on all sides, this documentary questions Norway and the West's protracted military involvement in Afghanistan. 

9. Frontline Fighting: Battling ISIS

Cameras folow three Brits -- a former IT worker, an ex-currency trader and a soldier turned activist -- who've signed up to fight ISIS in Syria. 

10. Drone

Explore the murky world of drone warfare, from the young gamers groomed to kill to the pilots and grieving families left grappling with the aftermath. 

11. Hiroshima: BBC History of World War II

Blending archival film, dramatizations and special effects, this documentary recounts the world's first nuclear attack and exampines the repercussions. 

12. Commandos

In the Singapore Armed Forces, commandos are the best of the best. But hearning the right to wear a prestigious red beret takes serious sacrifice. 

13. The First World War From Above

Aerial footage from 1919 captures the battlefields of World War I, revealing the destruction and devastation inflicted across Europe.

14. The Fighting Season

This documentary series goes to the front lines in Afghanistan, where the U.S. Army is working together with Afghan soldiers to defeat the Taliban. 

15. Winston Churchill: Walking with Destiny

Ben Kinglsey narrates this portrait of Winston Churchill that explores his impact on the course of world events and his influence on modern diplomacy.