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5 intense obstacle courses for military training

Training is an important component of military success. It takes dedication every day to become the best physical version of yourself and in turn, the best soldier you can be.  There are many opportunities for endurance – you’ve ... - More

Military Fitness Videos

The secret to pull-ups: How to go from 0 to 20

Maj. Misty Posey, the Plans Officer for Manpower Integration, developed a pull-up program to help all Marines improve their pull-ups no matter their starting point, and says she has yet to find a Marine she has not been able to help. - More

Military Fitness Exclusives

10 tips for summer workouts

By Rachel Engel When the weather warms up, most people take their workouts outside—at least until the heat becomes too unbearable. Once the temperature hits the triple-digits, it can take all the joy and satisfaction out of getting a run in, ... - More