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The Military1 Humor Topic provides news, exclusive articles, videos and more. Humor plays an important role in the military, providing relief from the serious and emotionally exhausting nature of the job, and this section is here to do just that. It includes jokes, puns, parodies and satire of life in the armed services.

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Obama gets Veteran's daughter out of school

By Joan E. Greve ABC Five-year-old Alanah Poullard had a worthy excuse for missing class. She was at the White House with her veteran father — and President Obama even vouched for it. Poullard visited the White House Thursday with her f ... - More

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5 ways to spot a veteran

By Paul D. Mooney These days, with the recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan having wound down and those same wars only just beginning to wind back up again, we veterans are more plentiful than we have been in decades. Yes, not since the end of ... - More