1960s U.S. Navy training video ‘How to succeed with brunettes’

The 16-minute film produced in 1967 offers advice advice such as walking along the curb, letting her pick the seat in the movie theater

By James Warren
New York Daily News

WASHINGTON — While the Vietnam War was raging, the U.S. military was coaching aspiring officers on "How to Succeed with Brunettes."

Imagine a Pentagon version of "Mad Men" without the sex.

The National Archives just posted a 16-minute U.S. Navy training film produced in 1966 on proper etiquette in dealing with brunettes.

It's part of a stash of 2,700 films and videos received from the Pentagon's Defense Visual Information Center and opens an entertaining, at times intentionally tongue-in-cheek, look at America in the mid-1960s.

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