English bulldog tapped as Marine Corps mascot

Pfc. Chesty XIV will under go obedience training before becoming mascot

English bulldog tapped as Marine Corps mascot

Chesty, future Marine Corps mascot, sits on the red carpet in front of the Home of the Commandants waiting to meet Bonnie Amos, wife of Gen. James F. Amos, commandant os the Marine Corps during a visit to Marine Barracks Washington, D.C., Feb. 14. Chesty, a 9-week-old pedigree English bulldog is soon to become the future Marine Corps mascot after the completion of obedience and recruit training with a ceremony scheduled for March 29. After completing training, the young puppy will earn the title Marine joining the ranks of his well-known predecessors. (Sgt. Dengrier M. Baez/USMC)


WASHINGTON — The U.S. Marine Corps. said the 9-week-old English bulldog selected to become the corps' newest mascot arrived at the Marine Barracks in Washington.

The bulldog, scheduled to be dubbed Pfc. Chesty XIV March 29, arrived at the Marine Barracks Thursday and will undergo obedience training ahead of officially becoming the corps' mascot, ABC News reported Monday.

Chesty, the latest mascot to be named for late Lt. Gen. Lewis "Chesty" Puller, will have responsibilities including marching in the Friday Evening Parades and attending supporting events around Washington.

The puppy is currently in the care of Staff Sgt. Jason Mosser, a member of the U.S. Marine Drum & Bugle Corps, and his wife Christine.
Commonly called an English bulldog, the breed's name is simply the bulldog.

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