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Pat Tillman statue unveiled at Sun Devil Stadium

By John Marshall AP Sports Writer TEMPE, Ariz. — The walls around Sun Devil Stadium and the new football complex are lined with photos of Pat Tillman. Images of the former player and Army Ranger can be found across the campus and around town, too. Now there's a bronze likeness of perhaps the greatest Sun Devil in school history. Arizona State unveiled a bronze statue of Tillman during a ceremony at Sun Devil Stadium on Wednesday, a monument designed as a tribute to the man who gave so m ... More

Mattis assembling panel to discuss transgender troops 

By Associated Press WASHINGTON — Defense Secretary Jim Mattis is assembling a panel of experts to discuss the matter of openly transgender individuals already serving in the U.S. military. President Donald Trump on Friday directed the Pentagon to extend indefinitely a ban on transgender individuals joining the military, but he gave Mattis the authority to decide those already serving. Mattis says in a statement released Tuesday that the Pentagon, in consultation with the Department of ... More

There is only one qualification to earn the 'veteran' label

By Sgt. Joseph Gunderson RallyPoint I find it very sad when there are some veterans who say that they don’t feel like veterans - that they don’t feel as if they earned the title because of a lack of certain experiences, awards, or schools. I would like to come forward right now and explain why this entire idea is absolute bullshit. First, and possibly the most detrimental of these make-believe qualifiers to “be a veteran”, is the idea that the title is only bestowed upon someone that ... More

Top 3 things troops hate about the military

By Military1 Staff Serving in the U.S. military can be exhilarating as service members train and prepare for excursions across the globe. However, you can’t run a tactical obstacle course every day; the administrative side of the military does eventually rear its head. In a recent post on Quora, service members weighed on the things they least liked about serving in the military. Out of dozens of answers, the same three kept popping up. What would you add to this list? Add your thoughts in the comme ... More