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Trump considers options for military parade

By Josh Lederman Associated Press WASHINGTON — For generations, as America's authoritarian rivals strutted their tanks, troops and jets through main thoroughfares in dramatic displays of strength, the United States watched from afar, but did not emulate. Widely accepted as the world's mightiest, the U.S. military has no tradition of putting itself on parade like in Russia, North Korea or China. But President Donald Trump does not often stand on tradition. So Trump' ... More

5 common movie mistakes veterans can spot right away

By Tim Kirkpatrick We Are The Mighty For decades, Hollywood has made military-based films that touch Americans’ hearts with epic characters and stunning imagery. Not every movie has a big budget, but it’s the attention to detail that the veteran community respects. When their branch is accurately represented on the big screen, Hollywood scores big points. Still, even when some filmmakers think they’ve done a great job, veterans notice the smallest error of detail in movies. Here’s ... More

Gen. Kelly: Teacher 'ought to go to hell' for military rant 

By Associated Press PICO RIVERA, Calif. — White House Chief of Staff John Kelly says a Los Angeles-area high school teacher "ought to go to hell" for disparaging U.S. military service members in classroom remarks. The retired Marine general blasted Gregory Salcido on Wednesday during an interview with Fox News Radio. Salcido is on leave from El Rancho High School in suburban Pico Rivera. A video surfaced on Friday in which the teacher is heard berating a 17-year-old stude ... More

60 troops fall ill after vaping dangerous oils

FY-Army-warns-troops-about-potentially-dangerous-vaping-oils-0129Drew Brooks The Fayetteville Observer, N.C. The U.S. Army Public Health Center has issued a warning to users of e-cigarettes and other vaping products after approximately 60 troops in North Carolina experienced serious medical issues. A public health alert was issued by the center on Monday. According to officials, soldiers from Fort Bragg and Marines from Camp Lejeune have reported several adverse health effects believed to be caused by vapin ... More

SNL pokes fun at fighter pilot call signs

By Military1 Staff In the most recent installment of Saturday Night Live's 43rd season, alumnus Will Ferrell returned to host. Known for his iconic show characters, such as Alex Trebek on Celebrity Jeopardy and his portrayl of former President George W. Bush, in one scene, Ferrell took on the persona of a fighter jet pilot with a unique call sign.  Outlandish and not at all realistic, the skit was classic Ferrell.  Check out this clip, and let us know in the comments: What is the most unique ... More