Military Procurement

The Military1 Procurement Topic provides news reports, expert opinion, legislative information and more on military procurement. In this topic you’ll find information on items such as DoD policy, defense contracts and service branch product acquisition. We'll explore the management and procurement process for military assets and investments.

Military Procurement Articles

DoD celebrates Pride month

By Military1 Staff WASHINGTON  — June marks the annual Pride month for LGBT individuals, and the Department of Defense said it wants America to know it’s proud of all of its service members, CBS SF reports. Displayed on t ... - More

Military Procurement Videos

F-14 Tomcat's sonic boom

An F-14 breaks the sound barrier at a low altitude. The F-14 Tomcat is flying around 100 ft above the water, between a U.S. ship and aircraft carrier. Notice the shock wave impact on the water below the aircraft. The pilot also appears to be ejectin ... - More

Military Procurement Exclusives

How Operations Research is used in the modern-day military

By American Military University Mathematics Faculty Operations Research (OR) was first used during World War II to assist high level decision makers with analyses that could be used to support planning for strategic ground, air, and maritime oper ... - More