What is the Military Star Card?

Is the Military Star Card a good choice for servicemembers who have access to base businesses?

What is the Military Star Card?

The Military Star Card is a available to all active duty, reservist and retired servicemembers, as well as dependents with on-base privileges. (Photo/Flickr)

By Military1 Staff

If you are an active duty, reservist or retired servicemember, or are a dependent with on-base shopping privileges, chances are you have consider getting a Military Star Card. The card can be tempting for new troops who are looking to furnish an empty house on base, or families interested in getting the most of their military benefits. 

Check out the facts of signing up for the Military Star Card and make an informed decision, just like you would any other credit card. 

Where can the Star Card be used? 

The card can be used at any AAFES, NEX, PX or Coast Guard Exchange, as well as at the Class VI store and the Shoppette on base. It cannot be used at the commissary, as they are managed by the Defense Commissary Agency (DECA). 

What can be purchased? 

With the Military Star Card, there is one line of credit that is available only for military clothing purchases, which inclued a 0.0 percent interest rate. With the retail credit line, card holders can purchase anything at those on-base establishments lifted above, at a current starting APR of 10.74 percent on purchases, which increases to 18.74 percent in the event of late payments. 

What are some benefits of the Star Card? 

  • No annual fees
  • 10 percent off purchases for the first 24 hours after opening the card
  • 10 percent off food court purchases
  • Save $.05/gallon when purchasing gas

What are some negatives of the Star Card?

  • Any late payments or issues can be reported to your chain of command
  • Easy access can be problem for younger troops still learning financial responsibility
  • Less flexibility than other credit cards that allow purchases off base