Review: Is the AR-7 all it's cracked up to be?

By now many people are familiar with the idea of a “bug out bag”, or a “get home bag”… little bundles of joy kitted out, tucked away inert, until you need help to get through a crisis.  I am a true believer in having the right gear in my immediate vicinity when I need it. I have often written about essential gear to have with you when you sally forth, whether on your daily journey or on some type of adventure or mission. I recently tested a couple of items from Henry Repeating A ... More

5 things competitive shooting will teach you about gunfighting

I’ve always taught my students three fundamental concepts that they must understand and apply in order to be a successful gunfighter: gun handling, marksmanship, and mindset. Some may argue that one of these is more important than the other two. I have found that all three are equally important. The mindset portion of this can be refined in many different ways: books, seminars, hands-on training, etc. The gun handling and marksmanship portions can best be refined by actually doing them. The most effective ... More

Armed response in plainclothes: 3 safety tips for when police arrive

I remember standing there, on any number of calls, prepared for the worst. I cut a tall and looming figure, adorned in my pressed uniform, looking for all the world like a flag pole ran up my back. On scene I wore a face that broached no argument and promised a world of trouble for those who tried me. This was command presence—the first level of a layered system designed to increase my safety during my tour. The next stratum consisted of that professional looking uniform. Beneath it, I wore a ballistic ... More