Former Navy SEAL runs for Missouri governor

By Alan Scher Zagier and Summer Ballentine The Associated Press MISSOURI — Former Navy SEAL Eric Greitens, who has never before sought elective office, said on Saturday that he is running for Missouri governor as a Republican in 2016. “I’m running for Governor because we need a political outsider to move Missouri forward. Like you, I’m tired of the career politicians and lobbyists who are ruining our state,” Greitens said. Greitens, 41, served in the Afghanistan and Ira ... More

House GOP postpones vote over military funding

By Kristina Peterson Wall Street Journal WASHINGTON — A split among Republicans over military funding forced House GOP leaders to postpone a vote on the first — and usually least contentious — spending measure, highlighting the party’s challenges as it takes up its budget and additional spending bills in the coming weeks. House GOP leaders delayed a vote on the fiscal year 2016 military construction and veterans affairs appropriations bill, originally scheduled for Wednesday night, a ... More

Officials: Iran seized ship because of business dispute, not politics

By Jonathan S. Landay McClatchy Washington Bureau NEW YORK — Iranian warships were enforcing a court order against the owner when they diverted a Marshall Islands-registered vessel to an Iranian port, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif asserted Wednesday, denying any link between the incident and regional tensions. Zarif also implied that an Iranian-American reporter for The Washington Post who's facing an espionage trial in Iran was asked to do something by an "overzealous" U ... More

Lawmaker seeks 2nd term after spending time in the military

Jonathan Mattise Associated Press  MADISON, W.Va. — West Virginia state Del. Joshua Nelson spent most of his first term learning to flymilitary jumbo jets in Texas, and almost none of it casting votes or pushing legislation 1,500 miles away in the state Capitol. He came home about a week ago — his first trip back since Christmas — and on Tuesday the Air National Guardsman will put this question to voters: Does his military training make him a hero and outweigh his absen ... More