Product review: Maxpedition expands pocket organizer line

Product review: Maxpedition expands pocket organizer line

It appears Maxpedition's pocket organizer line has been going well, with demand for even larger versions resulting in the semi-new Beefy variant. 

I actually already showed the Fatty version in an earlier article, however since it is so similar it is appropriate to show again for a size comparison. 

Being on the bigger side, these pouches either require a good-sized cargo pocket or can make handy organizers to be used in larger bags. 

The Fatty is approximately 5" x 7" x 2" filling up most cargo pockets and the general concept of the Beefy is an up-size to approximately 6.25" x 8.75" x 2.5". At this size a full ACU style billowed cargo pocket is required, which even then makes for a tight fit to close the flap.

For shared features the pouches open clamshell style using double zippers, the opening shifted to the front side. 

On the front is a loop Velcro field for fun patches or ID and a mesh sleeve pocket to externally stash small items. There is a little Velcro closure behind the Maxpedition logo here to help keep items inside. 

On the back is a pull handle great for pulling out of pockets or other bags and PALS webbing if one decides to mount to other gear. Both have 3 rows of webbing, which is technically two rows of PALS with extra options, but the Fatty has two spacious channels while the Beefy has 4 channels on the traditional 1.5" wide PALS spec.

On the inside features include:

Left Side: lanyard, cord loop, sleeve pocket, 3 multi-tool sized loops with 6 pen sized loops on top
Spine: single elastic loop
Right Side: single zipper sleeve pocket, 2 large vertical loops with 4 medium sized loops on top

I'd say about the only small difference is the Fatty has a key clip style lanyard while the Beefy has a D-ring lash point style lanyard. Each has their pluses and minuses where the key style works well with small items well while the D-ring offers more lashing room for larger or multiple objects. 

Otherwise the layouts are the same with the Beefy variant scaling up resulting in slightly more spacious elastic loops. 

The Fatty pouch depth of 2.5" seems to make the spine location noticeably more accommodating to more item options.

As an end result these larger organizers work out to be like hybrid GP pouches. Since the interiors are fairly feature filled they work better at holding smaller items good for electronic accessories and first aid gear just as some quick examples.

Although maxing out the size constraint, they can be worn in a cargo pocket while also being big enough to be a useful organizer inside larger packs or even mounted externally. 

Due to the clamshell opening however, care should be given when mounting externally to properly secure items. 

If items are just tossed inside loose there is a risk they will fall out while opening. 

The clamshell opening makes the pouches easiest to access from the side where traditionally GP pouches are accessed from the top. 

I've personally found these pouches most useful for organizing smaller gear inside larger packs, but cool to see they are capable in being used in many ways.