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What is Military Procurement?

Military procurement is the management of a nation's investments in technologies, programs, and product support necessary to achieve its National Security Strategy and support its Armed Forces. The goal is to rapidly acquire quality products that fulfill user needs with improvements to mission capability at an equitable price.  The US Defense Acquisition University (DAU) defines procurement as the act of buying goods and services for the government. DAU defines acquisition as the conceptualization ... More

Body armor for the military

As a member of the military, you are fighting for your country and showing that you are willing to put everything on the line to fight for what your beliefs. Being in the military is sometimes a dangerous job. It is possible for you to protect yourself from some of the dangers that you may encounter with military body armor. Many brave members of the military have lost their life due to improper protection. You can take your protection into your own hands and wear gear that offers optimal protection from the dang ... More

Improved body armor on the way

By Sarah Hofius USA TODAY Lightweight, flexible body armor that looks like dragon scales and is more comfortable to wear than today''s bulletproof vests could be available within two years. The armor, designed to stiffen when hit with a high-velocity projectile, also will provide increased ease of movement and more body coverage. Today''s bulletproof vests are made from strong fibers that absorb the impact of a projectile. For added protection, ceramic plates often are inserted into the vests. ... More

Concealable body armor — Proper fit, care, and maintenance

By PoliceOne Body armor is one of the most important investments you will ever make in helping protect you. To get the most out of your body armor, it is important to make sure your vest fits properly. Though your body armor is strong enough to resist bullets, it’s also a sensitive piece of equipment that requires proper care and maintenance Proper Fit Getting the right size Proper size is critical with body armor.  While it is tempting to get a larger vest with the idea of adding more ballistic pro ... More
How to buy body armor

How to buy body armor

By PoliceOne Staff Armor has been essential to those with dangerous jobs for as long as there have been weapons. In ancient time ... More