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Eastern Outdoor Show postponed due to boycott over guns

By Ed Zieralski UT-San SAN DIEGO, Calif. — A massive, well-organized boycott of the 2013 Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show forced Reed Exhibitions to “postpone” the show that was set for Feb. 2-10. No future date has been announced. The postponement affects 1,200 vendors and thousands of Easterners who planned to attend the Feb. 2-10 show in Harrisburg. Hundreds of industry members, including Cabela’s, and TV personalities such as Lee and Tiffany Lakosky announced they were boyc ... More

DARPA’s super sniper scope is the world’s deadliest range-finder

By Andrew Tarantola Snipers are among the most valuable assets a military can deploy in battle and have become a pillar of modern US counterinsurgency tactics. While mile-and-a-half-long shots are possible, they're not all that common. But with DARPA's new One Shot XG scope system, any ol' Killroy will be able to accurately fire an M24 up to a mile. Read more: DARPA’s super sniper scope is the world’s deadliest range-finder More

Firearms Training: High-tech targets and gun accessories

I usually confine my columns to things that blink, buzz, and require electrical power, but I also like to think of myself as one of the sheepdogs who knows when and how to use a gun, can carry one lawfully, and usually does. Thus, innovations in this market interest me as much as the techie stuff you usually see discussed here. Targets Online If someone had told me there would be a significant development in paper firearms targets, I’d attribute their enthusiasm to hyperbole. You print a picture or ... More

Firearm background checks increase following election

Gun sales and firearm background checks are up in the wake of Barack Obama’s re-election, driven by fears of tighter regulationsin his second term. Economics professor William Harris says this spike in sales and background checks is warranted because Democrats are generally in favor of stricter gun control. “What people rationally do is that if they think there’s going to be future restrictions on particular types of guns that they can own, they’re going to buy them now while they can,&rdq ... More

Four myths about assault weapons

We've been here before. After Patrick Purdy sprayed a Stockton elementary school with a semi-automatic rifle in 1989, California legislators passed a law banning assault weapons. A few years - and massacres - later, in 1994, President Bill Clinton signed into law a 10-year nationwide ban sponsored by Calif. Sen. Diane Feinstein. Now assault weapons have exploded back onto the national agenda. Feinstein has been trying to renew the law since it expired in 2004, and last week’s mass murder in Newtown, Con ... More

The Scopecoat optics cover solves several problems

“New equipment is not going to solve a training issue.” This simple phrase was pounded into my head by my early range master instructors. The concept is that by simply replacing a tool, you as the instructor, are not solving the user’s failure to perform a task. The same goes for eliminating training in a certain area because your students cannot grasp the concept or fail at the physical act. It just means that you have to find new ways to approach the issue until you provide what the student nee ... More