Looking through the Trijicon AA-battery-operated ACOG TA02

Looking through the Trijicon AA-battery-operated ACOG TA02

On Media Day at this year’s SHOT show, Trijicon had on display a new AA-battery-powered ACOG. The best way to describe the unit is that it is a battery-powered version of the ACOG TA01. Hence Trijicon named this new ACOG the TA02 ACOG 4x32 LED Scope. The unit has a single battery box on the lower right hand side of the scope and a power adjustment knob on the left side. The brightness control knob is similar in size to the Aimpoint T1 brightness control knob and has six brightness settings.

One key difference is that between each setting is an off position. Trijicon reps explained that this is so that the operator can determine the best brightness control setting for them and then simply rotate the knob clock or counter-clockwise to an off position.

Having used an ACOG TA11 for many years this new battery powered version is welcomed. The one issue with the traditional ACOG design is when used in conjunction with bright white light in dark buildings. The reticle can appear black, becoming very hard to find. There are ways to overcome this but with the new TA02 this issue is eliminated.

Very Long Battery Life

As of now, the only reticle available for the TA02 is the TA01 style red crosshair .223 ballistic reticle. I am very confident that once this model takes off other reticles will be added to the line. The TA02 is designed to accommodate a secondary non-magnified red dot sight mounted on top. Although this is nothing new to the ACOG line, the TA02 places the red dot sight farther forward on the scope body than prior models. The mount for the red dot now sits between the elevation adjustment and the front bell of the ACOG.

I asked what the battery life is. The Trijicon rep replied, “I’m not sure, but it is long — very long.”

Retail price is $1,433.00 and Trijicon is accepting preorders with expected delivery beginning in April 2012.