Shooting Range Design and Military Training Facilities

Advanced Interactive Solutions (AIS) Ltd specialise in the design, construction, fit-out and maintenance of shooting ranges and training facilities for police, military and special forces.

AIS has over twenty years of international experience in the design and build of ranges and specialist training facilities. Internationally renowned for its ability to design, construct and deliver technologically advanced facilities, AIS combines its experience, cutting edge technology and understanding of training challenges to transform requirements into training solutions. We work directly with government departments or through locally approved contractors or consultants.

AIS also carry full ISO 9001 certification.

Shooting range solutions and specialist training facilities

AIS have a proven track record as a range design consultant and contractor for specialist training facilities involving multi-disciplined and complex turnkey requirements. Through our team of range designers, architects, project managers and engineers we work closely with the end user to analyse training needs in order to design and deliver effective training facilities.

The design of ranges and training complexes is developed through schematic and outline proposals; full and detailed drawings and equipment specifications; tender documentation and contract supervision. As an independent management service, unbiased advice is guaranteed.

AIS has the capability to fabricate, deliver and install bespoke facilities together with simulation and training solutions including:

  • Close quarter battle (CQB) houses
  • Method of entry buildings
  • Maritime counter terrorism facilities
  • Partition ranges forming diverse room scenarios
  • Sniper training solutions
  • Live fire, full size mock-ups (aircraft, shipside, oil rig, etc.)
  • Live fire drive-in ranges and driving circuits / tracks
Modular ranges

AIS present QuickRange?, this is a complete, full service, prefabricated modular shooting range that can be delivered to your location ready to use within 180 days. QuickRange? eliminates the problems associated with building a traditional shooting range (design, construction, installation, etc.). Each QuickRange? is a complete, self-contained, two-lane shooting range in a bulletproof container, complete with shooting stalls, target-retrieval system, bullet traps, lighting and HVAC system. QuickRange? is available in lengths ranging from 12m to 35m and is customizable for specific end user requirement.

Judgemental and marksman simulation solutions


AIS provides a complete range of marksmanship and judgemental simulator training systems. The PRISim® platform uses high-definition video and computer-generated images to create realistic training theatres for all aspects of firearms handling. A complete range of simulators allows training to be conducted at fixed facilities, or at any off-site location using one of the portable systems. PRISim® simulators can be used with either live or laser fire using converted or facsimile weapons.

PRISim Suite? produces fully interactive 3D environments by combining advanced graphics from its rendering engine with the accurate simulation of projectile ballistics. PRISim Suite? adds virtual moving human figures and high-definition (HD) judgemental video scenarios to create more realism in the training theatre. PRISim® supports the use of less lethal weapons such a Taser®, PepperBall, chemical sprays and flashlights.

Shooting range maintenance and operation

AIS offer a comprehensive range maintenance service for all types of military and law enforcement outdoor and indoor ranges.

Our specialist skills ensure that downtime is kept to a minimum and that maximum utilisation is gained from the equipment and facilities. AIS is able to supply spares and service for most types of targetry in use today. AIS also have a team of specialist technicians who are able to assist in setting up training scenarios, manage day-to-day range operations and assess maintenance needs.

AIS also maintain offices in the USA, Abu Dhabi, Malaysia and Singapore.