Improving home gun safety with Project Childsafe

With all of the animosity aimed at gun violence, this could be a good way to get involved in your local community

By Ron LaPedis

In a previous column as part of our SHOT Show coverage, I wrote about the growing number of children who are dying from guns. I wanted to continue on that topic by introducing you to Project Childsafe.

This nonprofit charitable organization is committed to promoting firearms safety among firearms owners through the distribution of safety education messages and free firearm safety kits. The kits include a cable-style gun-locking device and a brochure (also available in Spanish) that discusses safe handling and secure storage guidelines to help deter access by unauthorized individuals.

While there has been a 31 percent decrease in fatal firearms accidents from 2009-2012, Project Childsafe wants to do more. One of their key programs revolves around getting law enforcement involved to distribute kits in their communities either directly or by partnering with individuals, community groups, and businesses. Over 1,000 requests come in per day, and only 30 percent of them can be honored due to lack of funding.

With all of the animosity aimed at gun violence, this could be a good way to get involved in your local community through education, fundraising, and safety kit distribution.