Spire introduces round-the-clock personal activity tracker

Wearable device monitors breathing and movement

Spire introduces round-the-clock personal activity tracker

(Photo courtesy of Spire)

By Military1 Staff

The new Spire is a motion-sensitive tracker that monitors physical movement, body position and breathing. By measuring breathing patterns and body movement, the tracker also is able to provide feedback on the user’s state of mind.

Consisting of two main parts – a “stone” and clasp – the Spire device is hypoallergenic a wearable clip, constructed from surgical grade stainless steel and measures 14 mm wide, 44 mm long, and 3 mm thick. The device’s stone-shaped core houses a battery, a wireless charging mechanism and a sensor and radio suite. In order to work, the stone must be facing the user’s body.

The Spire can be attached to pants, shorts or undergarments and is connected to a smartphone app to provide immediate feedback, the company said.