Pepper spray, video to combine in new portable device

Prototype can determine the precise distance of an attacker and disperse a corresponding amount of spray

WEST BOYLSTON, Mass. — Pepper spray combines with video in a new portable device developed for law enforcement and trained civilians to better debilitate criminals.

In partnership with a retired Connecticut State Police lieutenant's training company, Enginasion Inc. made a prototype that determines the precise distance of an attacker and disperses a corresponding amount of spray, according to Mass High Tech.  Meanwhile, video, sound and GPS data are sent back to law enforcement command.

A development partner is currently being sought for commercialization and miniaturization of the model, which the creators say could be a viable option for non-lethal self-defense.

"You are in your home and there is someone there to harm you. What do you do? Your only recourse is a bullet that you can’t take back," Enginasion CEO David Bonneau said. "You have to be willing to defend yourself without wanting to kill somebody."