Read about H&H Medical Corp.’s New Hydrogel Seal Packaging to Expedite Trauma Treatment

Read about H&H Medical Corp.’s New Hydrogel Seal Packaging to Expedite Trauma Treatment

WILLIAMSBURG, Va. — H&H Medical Corp.’s new DualSeal occlusive chest dressing pack has been covered in a June 12 article on Qmed, “Trauma Care Eased with New Package,” by Daphne Allen.

Corina Bilger, director of global sales, H&H Medical, told Qmed that “The DualSeal occlusive dressing pack is geared towards military and civilian users, primarily in emergency medicine and public safety (e.g., police, fire, EMS). We have seen interest in the product from wilderness/adventure customers for adding this to their first aid kits. There are needs in the field to respond to a casualty with multiple puncture injuries such as gunshot entry/exit wounds. The DualSeal makes it easy for our users to have two hydrogel seals within reach to seal two wounds at once."

Having developed life-saving emergency-care products for more than 30 years, H&H Medical Corp. has found yet another way to expedite trauma treatment—include two chest dressings in one easy-to-use package, Bilger told Qmed.

H&H has launched the DualSeal occlusive chest dressing pack containing two 3.75 x 3.75 sq-in. hydrogel dressings in a small package. With four tear notches marked with black triangles (two on the top side and two on the bottom side),the package eliminates the need for a larger pouch or multiple pouches, making it easier for professionals to carry and use.

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