Kingfisher Medical creates compact response kit

The kit aims to ease coordination, treatment, and extraction in hostile situations

Kingfisher Medical creates compact response kit

(Photo courtesy of Kingfisher Medical)

By Military1 Staff

Kingfisher Medical announced its newly developed Rapid Onset Violence Emergency Response kit, or ROVER. The emergency toolkit is designed to coordinate and improve responsiveness to an active shooter or hostile intruder incident.

The toolkit lid opens to a whiteboard with pre-printed cues for command staff, as well as a place for information gathering where responders can log number of victims, victim location and other treatment information.

The ROVER also includes four MOLLE-compatible individual first aid trauma kits stocked with a C-A-T Tourniquet, SAM Chest Seal, pressure bandage, adult OPA, pediatric OPA, trauma shears, and a triage tag. The compact kits can also be customized for an agency’s needs or protocols.

Additionally, ROVER includes Kingfisher Medical’s military grade Xtract2. The lightweight device folds to the size of a bread loaf, and opens to cocoon around victims to lift or drag them from the scene. The ROVER can also be equipped with a Graham Medical MegaMover, a portable transport unit capable of carrying 1000 lbs. in areas not accessible by stretchers.

The complete kit measures 24.5” x 19.5” x 8.4”

The ROVER kits can be purchased on Kingfisher Medical’s website, or by calling 614-568-4000.