GT Distributors Named No. 1 Law Enforcement Dealer for Sig Sauer

AUSTIN, Texas — America’s public safety specialists for 40 years, GT Distributors Inc announces it has been named as the No. 1 Law Enforcement Dealer for Sig Sauer® in the United States for 2012. GT Distributors received the honored designation for its leadership and excellence in representing the Sig Sauer brand. Sig Sauer’s world-renowned firearms are the weapons of choice for many premier global milit ... More

Safariland Adds Another NIJ-06 Female Model to Its ABA Xtreme Armor Line

New ABA lightweight armor model designed for reliable performance and enhanced comfort The XT01F Type IIIA is part of the ABA® Xtreme® Series of concealable armor. With the previous release of the Type II, the XT01F Type IIIA is the latest additional NIJ-06 compliant, female armor model to be added to this brand. Tested against the .357 SIG and .44 Mag. NIJ-designated rounds, the XT01F Type IIIA is a hybrid, female semi-structu ... More

Armor Express Awarded Multi-Million Dollar Contract from U.S. Army

Armor Express Awarded Multi-Million Dollar Contract from U.S. Army Central Lake, MI - A $24.6 million contract to provide body armor to the U.S. Army has been awarded to Armor Express. The three-year, fixed-price contract is from the Army’s Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland, and calls for a maximum of 142,857 concealable body armor vests to be manufactured by the company by September 2015. “We&rsqu ... More

Deploying Soldiers Test New Female Body Armor Prototype

NATICK, Mass. -- Female Soldiers at Fort Campbell, Ky., preparing for an upcoming deployment to Afghanistan are getting a chance to weigh in on the latest innovation in personal protective equipment: body armor designed specifically to fit them. Any woman who has deployed to the combat zone can tell you what's wrong with wearing the improved outer tactical vest, or IOTV -- military-speak for body armor -- it's designed for a man's ... More Delivers New Hard Plate Carriers and Plates

Coatesville, PA ( – has worked together with Point Blank and Paraclete to offer hard plate carriers and hard plates to an ever increasing number of law enforcement and special forces personnel facing increasing threat levels in the world today. Don’t respond to another active shooter scene or deploy on another special mission without the protection and operational flexibility you need.  ... More

Are You a Believer? Here's What Others are Saying About the CTAV

“Tracking groups through the mountains, the vest still gets pretty hot. But when you stop, you can feel the wind blowing down behind the vest which then cools rapidly”. Bill M. – Dug Interdiction and K-9 Officer I had the opportunity to test out the CTAV over three weeks with a diverse group of tactical operators. I personally wore the CTAV under my plate-carrier for two days last week here in the Texas desert. Temp ... More