Savi introduces new active radio-frequency identification (aRFID) products

aRFID products include sensors, readers and portable deployment kits

Savi introduces new active radio-frequency identification (aRFID) products

Original Savi Portable Deployment Kit (Photo courtesy of

By Military1 Staff 

Savi has announced nine new pieces of aRFID hardware that can be used to establish a complete aRFID system in a wide range of military environments. These products include new versions of six sensors, two readers and a portable deployment kit.

Four of the recently-introduced Savi sensors have doubled in memory from previous versions allowing for the capture of up to 256 kilobytes of operational data. They include the following:

  • Savi ST – 654 and Savi ST – 656 Data Rich Sensors: Used for storing detailed asset information and tracking shipping containers and vehicles.
  • Savi ST – 674 Environmental Sensor: Protects sensitive perishable items by monitoring environmental conditions.
  • Savi ST – 675 Container Security Sensor: Helps detect theft by keeping tabs on the open/closed state of a container door as well as light let into the container. This sensor also includes GPS.

The two new Savi readers are the Savi ST – 626 Container Door Sensor and Savi ST – 616 Asset Sensor, designed for monitoring shipments in real-time and mounting on a variety of asses types, the company said.

Lastly, the company introduced a new version of the Savi Portable Deployment Kit (PDK). The PDK II weighs around 20 pounds, is self-contained in a transit case the size of a small suitcase and comes with a ruggedized tablet, RFID pod interrogator, NAL satellite modem with GPS, USB cable and power adapters.