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What is Military Procurement?

Military procurement is the management of a nation's investments in technologies, programs, and product support necessary to achieve its National Security Strategy and support its Armed Forces. The goal is to rapidly acquire quality products that fulfill user needs with improvements to mission capability at an equitable price.  The US Defense Acquisition University (DAU) defines procurement as the act of buying goods and services for the government. DAU defines acquisition as the conceptualization ... More

Sennheiser's innovative 26 series headsets for professional pilots We're familiar with Sennheiser's high-end headphones when it comes to enjoying music, but the company also has a history in specialist aviation audio gear that stretches back over two decades. One of the latest additions to this range is the 26 series – headsets aimed at commercial pilots which are notable not only for some clever design elements that protect hearing whilst ensuring that the person in charge of getting you back on the ground safely can hear everything clearly. The 26 ra ... More

Special forces smart noise cancellation ear buds with built-In GPS

By Mike Hanlon With more than half the world carrying a mobile phone and some of the best brains in the world focused on differentiating the next generation of mobile services and functionality, it was interesting to see Silynx’s C4OPS GenNext headset system displayed for the first time at the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference in Florida in 2008. Most of the functionality does not translate readily to non-combat environments, but what it can do is simply amazing. Silynx special ... More

QuietOps Tactical Communication Headset with the lot

By Mike Hanlon Silynx creates miniature tactical hearing protection communication headsets for the US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), US Army, USMC and many of the world’s elite Special Forces. It is operated by a team of experienced former Special Operations personnel worked with the SOF community to develop its new QuietOps Smart Tactical Communication Headset and Ear Protector. The company aims to replace multiple tactical communication headsets with one lightweight system with enhanc ... More

Headsets record video from police perspective

By Darren Quick SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — A new product captures video and audio of incidents from the visual perspective of the responding officer. The Taser AXON is a tactical networkable computer worn by first responders that combines advanced audio and video recording capabilities. It consists of an audio-video earpiece imager, speaker and microphone that integrate into existing radio communications through a standard 3.5 mm headphone connection, providing two way communications in addition to f ... More

Sensear muffs provide secure, clear communication

By Scott M. Bruner One of the more intriguing products for the public safety field at March 2010's IWCE show in Las Vegas was Sensear's line of ear muff devices. The muffs are not only able to provide two-way radio communication while silencing extreme levels of ambient noise, they are also able to identify and amplify nearby voices. The result is the ability to maintain face-to-face communications at even the highest decibel event. "What's unique about these products compared to anyone else i ... More