Military to Tactical, A Narrow Line


Oakdale, N.Y. - When you think about it, the fine line from a communication product designed for “military” application is not the wide compared to one with a “tactical” application. Normally the military products are designed to meet harsh environmental requirements, and have the extra high tech security features. Yet, the divide between features offered on either has become very narrow. I’ve noticed this on our products here at CJ, where the similarities of military and tactical application audio accessories are almost indiscernible. This is especially true when reviewing products such as the CJ Falcon Tactical Headset products, including the CJ Falcon Bone Conduction Headset series. Our primary business model has been “military” orientated for over 10 years, therefore our products, be it for military or tactical, all are built with the quality and reliability to meet the environment of active tactical operations.  

It looks like Harris is entering the Rifleman JTRS program utilizing their commercial business line, which has produced excellent “tactical” radios.

Introduced is the Falcon Wideband Team Radio, the first true non-developmental solution to address requirements of the U.S. Army's Rifleman Radio and NettWarrior programs. The new Falcon RF-330E delivers voice, data and situational awareness to the squad member and is the smallest and lightest soldier radio addressing the requirements of these key Department of Defense programs. The RF-330E is a lightweight, wireless radio for connecting front-line soldiers to the tactical Internet to facilitate command and control. The radio delivers real-time position location information and multiple talk groups, while also supporting additional combat applications.

"The new Harris radio demonstrates that competition works. Given the opportunity by the DoD, Harris developed a breakthrough team radio with significant performance improvements over the current JTRS program of record radio," said George Helm, president, Department of Defense business, Harris RF Communications. "We also are investing in solutions for next-generation manpacks and vehicular wideband radios using this same commercially oriented business model, which is proven to deliver continuous innovation across our entire tactical radio portfolio."

The RF-330E was introduced and demonstrated at the recent Army Expeditionary Warfighting Experiment at Fort Benning, Georgia. Soldiers deployed the radio during the exercise in a configuration supporting the Army NettWarrior End User Device.

As a preferred supplier of Harris for audio accessories, we at CJ Component Products have solutions to support and enhance the RF-330E, as well as the similar PRC-152 radios with high quality audio accessories. For our “tactical” customers, including law enforcement, CJ has the solution for your audio accessory needs as well.

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