US begins equipment withdrawal from Afghanistan

Military pullout going through Pakistan

The Financial Daily

PESHAWAR — The first phase of NATO withdrawal from Afghanistan began on Sunday with the journey of 25 containers entering Pakistan from Bagram airbase in Afghanistan.

Security sources talking to confirmed that the NATO withdrawal had initiated adding that a convoy of 25 containers with military hardware, was provided with routine security for its journey from Torkham to Karachi via the motorway.

Custom officials had also confirmed that several containers of the NATO consignment were examined and cleared after they had crossed into Pakistan from Afghanistan.

The United States has started the withdrawal of military equipment from Afghanistan as at least 25 containers crossed the Torkham border point heading to the Pakistani port city of Karachi for shipment, reports said Sunday.

Private television channels quoted Pakistani custom officials as saying that the first convoy of containers, carrying U.S. military equipment from a key NATO base in Afghanistan, was cleared and was allowed to proceed to Karachi.

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