10 great apps for navigating military life

Check out these must-have apps for the military community

By Military1 Staff 

From helping you find your battle buddies to helping you discover the best military discounts, mobile apps of all kinds can benefit the military community. Whether developed by veterans and military supporters or directly by the Department of Defense, these apps keep military personnel physically fit, informed and connected.

Army Leader Book

Designed by a 13-year Army veteran with 9 years’ experience as an NCO, Army Leader Book is created to help military leaders better manage and take care of their soldiers. The iPhone app is intended for use by Army junior officers and non-commissioned officers. Army leaders can track soldiers’ data including the following: APFT scores, vehicle licensing, weapon qualifications, medical profiles and counseling dates. In order to protect soldier information, the Army Leader Book app is available with a security passcode feature.



POS REP, short for Position Report, is a proximity-based app designed to provide social networking opportunities for veterans. The app connects veterans with those who have served together as well as allows the user to discover peers and resources in their area. POS Rep connects veterans through the use of chat and radar. Different types of virtual “flares” can be used to signal to other veterans what you’re doing and where you are.



The iCorps app is a resource for Marines of any age or rank. It is designed as a portable pocket reference for anything a Marine wants to know about the Corps. Users can ask questions, chat with other Marines, find out about the service’s history and learn updates as the Marine Corps progresses into the future.



Tactical NAV

Created by a soldier, Tactical NAV is a GPS navigation app made for military personnel as well as other public safety officials. The app allows users to map and plot waypoints and military graphics as well as share information via e-mail, text and Facebook with encrypted security. Features include a military grade tactical navigation system, sandtable drawing mode, 1: 50,000 map scale overlay, waypoint plotting functionality, one-button night mode function for low-light situations and more.

Discount Soldier

The Discount Soldier app allows users to find military discounts in their area. Available for active duty, veterans and military families, the app also provides information about the discount and the restaurant or store which the discount is for.   




To help keep fitness on track, PumpUp is a photo-based health and fitness social networking.  Channeled through an app, the program is designed for those interested in maintaining an active lifestyle both in and out of the military community. The PumpUp health and fitness platform combines photo sharing, community and fitness coaching and is intended to help users find motivation in achieving fitness goals.


USMC Organizational Wear Guide

The USMC Organizational Wear Guide serves as a digital guidebook on clothing and equipment. It is designed to simplify instructions for the proper use of field uniforms and gear. The app supplements MCO P1020.34g (Marine Corps Uniform Regulations) and details the only items that are authorized for wear with Marine Corps uniforms. Currently, the app is available for Android phones but the company plans to make it available for iPhone.


Base Directory by Military Traveler

Designed by Military Traveler, Base Directory is a source for military personnel and family members to find all the most updated information on military bases. The app opens up to the user’s home base and then can be used to search bases across the globe. Currently, the app includes Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, Navy and USO installations.



This ballistics app is based on the GNU Exterior Ballistics Library and can generate military grade solutions to small arms trajectories. iSnipe offers its users corrections for pitch, yaw, atmospheric conditions, the Coriolis effect and Spin Drift. It also visually displays MilDot Hold-over/Hold-under information and windage.



The Navy Operational Fitness and Fueling Series (NOFFS) app provides sailors and Navy health and fitness professionals with a comprehensive training resource. NOFFS combines human performance and injury prevention strategies in order to provide safer training while also helping users to achieve the best performance outcomes possible.  Exercises used in the app replicate the activities sailors conduct in their operational duties including lifting, pulling, pushing, and carrying.